If you're having trouble getting a job, and you really want a job, you must ask yourself this question:

                                    Is there any more I can do to get one?

While there are a number of good services to help job seekers, those services alone may not be enough to get you hired in this tough market. If you seriously want to improve your chances of getting hired you've got to do what a famous computer company once said... Think different.

Thinking different is what businesses have hired me and my award-winning agency to do for two decades. As a result many of those businesses have achieved or surpassed their marketing goals. Now, with this Job-Getter Booster, I'm offering that same results-getting thinking to you. Thinking that will help you get noticed, get interviewed, and get hired.

The process is simple and fun.

The process is simple and fun. We spend a full hour on the phone brainstorming ideas that will set you apart and create a positive, memorable impression on the person, or company, you need to impress. It may be as simple as a creative ad that goes with your resume with you as the product. Or, it may be a unique, creative, direct mail piece. Or, both. The key benefit is that it will be something to set you apart, in a positive, memorable way, from the hundreds of others seeking the job. And that's a huge step toward getting hired.

To get started, click the button below and you'll receive a confirmation email with some scheduling times. All times are scheduled within two weeks. Or, if you have questions, leave a message by clicking the "Send Voicemail" tab above and I'll be happy to call you back.

Just remember, these are extraordinary times. And extraordinary times sometimes take extraordinary measures. This could be the step you need to take to get that great job.

                                                                       $200 (1 hour)



Payment is for consulting and concept time only and does not include design or production time.
For any payment question, call Paypal Customer Support: 888-221-1161

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