John Follis
Having a great product or service means nothing unless you attract people and get them excited.

Two decades on Madison Ave has taught John Follis how to get people excited. His work has been the focus of national press, a Harvard Business School case study, and 3 textbooks. Also, as a business owner for 25-years, he knows that marketing is a tough challenge that must be done right. In this easy to read booklet you'll learn what works from real cases. You'll also learn how to:

- Attract vs. chase
- Excite vs. just inform
- Have an exciting website
- Develop a strong tagline
- Create good "buzz"
- Build your own brand
- Think like Donald Trump
- And much more.

And, here's what some booklet buyers have said. So, before you spend another dime on marketing, read this and learn how to do it right. To order, click here.

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