I just bought two bottles in Winchester VA over the weekend and have opened one just now (don’t judge, it’s been a stressful week!) My go to wine has always been skinny girl california red. Our red wine guide details the flavor profiles and regions of the most popular red varieties – plus a few you may not yet know. So disappointed! Read your review, tried it tonight and found it delightfully pleasant, especially for the price. I was recently talking to a package store owner and he was telling me that the sweeter blends are what’s selling best these days, so we may see more come down the pike. 6. Give this wine a try before it goes away! Local Stater Brothers is selling Apothic Dark for $9.99/btl and 30% off if purchasing 4+ bottles, or about $7/btl. From Modesto, California, Apothic Dark is a red wine blend from Apothic Wines. Apothic White (Winemaker's Blend) Good value for money. Legs are slow to form, but once they form there are many. You’re welcome Natalie! I’m a wine blogger and reviewer, so I don’t actually make or sell wine directly. Thanks for the comment, Leighton. Thanks for your review. I’ve started doing a few of these reviews of mass marketed and mass produced wines, in large part because for my cheap wine club, this is my competition.The under $10 or so bottle purchases are the folks, that might step up to the $20 or so level, which is where wine clubs and other similar online sales models start to make more sense. APOTHIC RED IS ONE ROOTIN TOOTIN RED WINE! Agreed, I believe it’s no longer a limited release. Apothic Inferno: http://www.apothic.com/wines/inferno Follow me: https://twitter.com/Kimmiedeeday Too many flavors to describe! I loved the design so I just had to have it just for the bottle (and price!) The Apothic Dark, a limited-release wine, is a fuller, more savory, red blend and uses the Shiraz/Syrah, Merlot, Zinfandel, and other grapes. I just tried the Dark Horse (DH) Big Red Blend last night (Trader Joe’s for $7.99/bottle) on the advice of a wine expert who told me Apothic wines come from the same winery as Dark Horse. Similar wines usually cost 50% more. We LOVE Apothic Dark! According to the Apothic website, the winemaker “Boyd Morrison crafts bold, captivating Apothic blends by using only the most distinctive California grapes. 6. Whoo hoo! I will try the DH Cab. Ever since doing some research for “Halloweeny” wines + reading about it here, this has become our new “go to” red for everything from meatloaf to pasta to earthy peasant-type food ad infinitum. septembre 13 2018, 11:57 pm. We have gotten bottles for as low as $8.99, and we typically keep at least two on hand at all times. I will try the Dark Horse Cabernet. The vintage chosen for this review is the 2018. According to the winemaker’s web site, Apothic Red “reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of rhubarb and black cherry, complemented by hints of mocha, chocolate, brown spice and vanilla.”  We didn’t pick up on all those aromas but the nose was enjoyable nonetheless. Maybe other people will chime in with what they prefer…. Really great stuff if you like your red wine to stand on its own and stand up to anything. Tannins were felt in the inside upper lip for two of us (men) and on the tongue for one (woman).”. Cheers! In appearance, we saw that the Apothic Dark presents as a very dark deep plum to cranberry color. So, I decided to contact Apothic Wines and ask. Recently, Deb and the Apothic team launched their new wine, Apothic Brew. Apothic Dark will be a full time deal. As I write this I’m drinking the 2014 Apothic Red Blend. Which variety would you like to review? Famous winemaker, Debbie … Just had to see what others thought as I enjoyed my third glass. 4.1 713 Ratings. I have not been able to put my finger on what is off-putting about the taste. You might also try Cupcake Red Velvet. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the sweeter blends seem to come from, and be marketed to, the U.S. It’s even smoother and darker. Cheers! Thanks for the comment, Crystal. Australia. You see, I’m a punch to the palette Cabernet kind of guy. I JUST RECEIVED TWO CASES OF THE 2013 AT MY STORE. Apothic Brew Wine Review. View More. Wine review (256 character s remaining) Cancel Save. Cheers! Shipping is free with a case! Thanks for the great comments and review. Has anyone else found it or figured it out? The nose was of dark, jam like fruit with perhaps a hint of licorice. Apothic Red; Apothic Cab; Apothic Crush; Apothic Dark; Apothic Rosé; Apothic White; Contact us; Fr; Where to buy. Apothic Dark is back! Plenty in stock(for the moment anyway) in S.E. Good for dessert lovers, it shows an excess … Regional Information. The Origin and Meaning of the Apothic Name. I’ve often tasted a wine and wrote down what I tasted. Keep an eye out for Apothic Dark around the holidays. 3.9 out of 5. Apothic Dark is being offered at SOLO Liquor Stores in Alberta, Canada for $9.95 Can. Brand Name Red Blends (think Apothic Red) If you like red wine, odds are you’ve tried one of these. I don’t like dry wines. I think I may taste each of these, but they blend well, for me!! How are ratings … Good luck… I hope they get back to you with some positive news! I am sipping it now as I read this. Also, on another note, try Menage a Trois…their midnight blend. No matter which popular wine you’re currently obsessed with, take a peek at what to try next. Probably a good move, grabbing a couple cases. All their Apothic wines are on sale for $10 right now. This wine is so smooth you have to be careful as it goes down easy. I’m a huge fan of this grape and it’s hard to find. Apothic White is bottled by Apothic Wines and comes from Modesto, California. 750 ML / 0 % ABV Winemaker Notes. On Sale in Alberta at Sobeys Liquor store for $10.99. Currently 2015 vintage. It’s now frequently available at local supermarkets (including Walmart) around here, & I recently bought a case of it from Wine.com to be sure I always have a bottle handy. :’O(((. Welcome! I did this with Layer Cake Pinot Noir and lucked out. Apothic Dark is being offered at $9.95 Canadian in Solo Liquor stores this week! Taste is bitter and not matured. Overview In 2010, Apothic Wines entered California’s wine market to make a bold statement. We described it as silk and satin. Though, I could see it paired with a rich vanilla ice cream. Published on April 8, 2018 . I just have peoples!) Apothic Dark is a smooth drinking wine with a cottony mouthfeel. About Apothic; Our wines Menu Toggle. On the nose, we concurred that the Apothic Dark has two stages of aroma. Extremely popular wines like Apothic Red, Cocobon, Cupcake Red Velvet and others fall into this group. by Apothic Wines. There are at least 20 bottles maybe more at a liquor store in Dickson City, PA around $10. Currently sold at Wegmans locations on the east coast. Mike. They include … Every now and then I’ll buy a wine for the same reason. Thanks for the comment Nikki. Someone mentioned in an anonymous post that there are 2 kinds of wine drinkers, those who enjoy a sweet red and those who enjoy a dry red… This is definitely on the sweeter side. It just leaves more for us!!!! I say drink what you like! I told them how much we enjoyed the wine and offered to send them pictures of 257 Apothic Red Corkscrews that were purchased in the last 12 months or so. Apothic Red (Winemaker's Blend) Good value for money. To all of Jon’s readers : Do not let the price fool you, this is a quality wine at a very reasonable price that you would be confident serving to your friends and family. I recently received a bottle of Apothic Red as a gift. Affordable and easily found, this wine is sure to be a … That makes it $7.30 – $7.50 a bottle! Trader Joe's Wine Reviewer - Apothic Red 2017 - Vine Trader vlog Ep. This is by far my wine of choice. Apothic Crush Red Blend is a decadent red wine blend with medium tannins and a velvety smooth finish. I make a lot of wine myself, very comparable. Excited to try it tonight. See reviews and pricing for the 2017 vintage. For the second stage, we noted subtle woodsy fruit and a hint of pipe tobacco. Thanks for the advice Bethany… Much appreciated! (2019 Vintage) Among top 10% of all wines in the world (2013 Vintage) Good value for money. This is my favorite wine! HELP! Regarding the wine’s taste we observed mocha, black cherry and a bit of smokiness. :). Wine review (256 character s remaining) Cancel Save. I want a wine that taste more fruity and less alcohol. Start your review of Apothic Inferno Red Wine! It’s very limited but everyone I’ve talked to loves it when they can find it. Works out at more like $15-25 a bottle here depending on discount, due to high liquor taxes. I’m disappointed when I go to purchase and either the shelf is empty or the store don’t carry. I think you’ll find this is heavily dominated by inclusion of the Petite Sirah varietal, also called Durif in e.g. See this everywhere now in 2017 in Chicagoland. This versatile red blend is ideal on its own, or for wherever the night takes you. Wanted to try something new and the bottle caught my eye…tastes like cough syrup. It is hands down one of the best red wines I have ever had!!! By Sophia B. Fort Campbell, KY. 37 reviews. You will enjoy every sip. I made a fabulous double chocolate red wine cake with some. Found this particular wine in the clearance section of my local Walmart and based on your review I knew I had to buy it immediately. A co-worker and I have already bought a case each and based on this info, we may just go get another one! Thanks for the comment! Then, looked at the bottle or the wine’s official tasting notes on their web site and disagreed with their descriptions. This unique wine is a response to the growing … I found it at my local gas station (Maverick) next to the motor oil and de-icer for $10. Not much of an expert I wines as of yet, but I’ve taken the advice that sweeter reds tend to be boozy and room temperature but acidic when too cold. In regards to the September 2014 update I just bought a bottle in NJ and they seemed to have plenty in stock. Not seeing the legs so much in this one, but this is the wine I imagine old men playing dominoes pouring from their 5 gallon jugs into juice glasses and sipping at all day long. I loved Apothic Dark limited edition 2012 but just bought and opened the new Apothic Dark 2013. Just read your review of Apothic Dark. I asked the phone Representative” Raul A.” if it was possible for Apothic Red Wine company to send us some coupons for being such loyal customers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Joe… Much appreciated! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Apothic Limited Release California Sparkling Wine 750ml at Amazon.com. I immediately reached out to a friend that works at the liquor store (I’m not an alcoholic. 3.9 out of 5 stars. Haven’t tried it yet, though, “Apothic Dark is a smooth drinking wine with a cottony mouthfeel. 10 global ratings. It says limited edition… :-). You may want to try one for the sake of comparison. Sorry folks…  it doesn’t look good. That said, I SO disliked this wine, and the very similar Cupcake Red Velvet (even worse, IMO), that I’m becoming afraid to buy any blend I haven’t tried before. 4.0 72 Ratings. Wine review (256 character s remaining) Cancel Save. Cheers! I just found it at a local grocery store in Rapid City, SD. Apothic Red (Winemaker's Blend) 2017 Good value for money. Back in 2012 I started Honest Wine Reviews to share my reviews of wine and wine clubs. So, if you’re considering Apothic wine and want to know where to shop, check out the details below . Why the HECK do you think the gender is relevant here? Overall, Apothic Red is highly recommended. ( Consumer Engagement Department). Apothic Inferno is a small-batch, limited release red blend that is aged in whiskey barrels for 60 days to deliver a masterful and unexpected taste experience. Cheers! Weinkompetenz seit 2003 - über 3000 Weine aus aller Welt - natürlich vom Fachhändler! I don’t know if I will buy anymore. I might reevaluate that position. NOT THINKING IT WOULD BE THE LAST BOTTLE ON THE PLANET!! "Whether it's one of drama, intrigue or romance, the wines of Apothic are truly original." She did a great job on the Apothic Red as well and the review below covers both our thoughts on this wine. Storage Instructions. Thirsty for more? 6x 0,75l - APOTHIC Wines - California - Rotwein - verschiedene Sorten - trocken bis halbtrocken (6x 0,75l - APOTHIC INFERNO) Alkohol - bitte erst ab 18 Jahren! The bottles indicate they are both from Modesto. In this category we highlight the best red blends under $20 in both of those distinct styles so you can decide what you like best! Reviewed by Colin Hewitt. Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2018 This is a great wine for celebrating or simply sipping. Anyhow, drinking it now and not sure how I feel about it…. Whilst it’s a bit confected and not the finest example of Petite Sirah – try Ridge Petite Sirah, but at 4x the price – I absolutely love it. About 2 weeks ago I contacted Apothic Red’s Company A.K.A. You can’t make everyone happy …There are two kinds of wine people, the kind that like sweet red wine and the kind that like dry. Cowboy Jones, you are the hootinst, tootinist, shootinist bobtail wildcat in the west! Now, with that said, I went ahead and contacted Apothic about Apothic Dark and when it might be released again. and dark. I’m really just a wine consumer like you…. Bold red blends – most notably Apothic Red and Ménage à Trois – have become hugely popular in the U.S., especially among millennials. Really, the sweetness complaints are over blown in my opinion – the balance is just right, and this coming from someone who abhors sweet wines. Beyond. A Red wine from California, United States. Apothic wines are inspired by “Apotheca,” a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th century Europe, the wines of Apothic are truly unique in style and taste. It is a very dry wine with dark berry flavors of plum, … It is priced at $15.95 here in Windsor, Ontario (Canada) I happened to try a similar tasting wine this evening, Yellow Tail Big Bold Red ($13.95 price point), very tasty s well… Thanks for posting the review! I Live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and was excited to see Apothic Dark at a wine store in my area. I do agree with others that the body, aroma and color are great. I like your point about serving Apothic as a wine everyone will drink. Bought six bottles to take back to Washington. Sometimes I drink it by itself, sometimes with great green chile New Mexico hamburgers. The first is an initial whiff of alcohol. Die 5 von 5 Weinsnob-Korken erhält er alleine schon für seine Originalität. These unique elements come together to create a red blend with … It’s refreshing, tasty and silky smooth. Fantastic wine. She tried to pronounce the other 2 varietals, but my main concern was if they truly changed anything!!!! Hi Joyce, thanks for the comment! Thanks Whitney! Look for anything that might hint as to how sweet the wine might taste. Apothic Dark 2015 is just as good add 2014… if not smoother! Hi Jon, The closest I’ve tasted is Apothic Red. Cheers! See the comments from readers below. Last Updated May 1, 2020 By Jon Rogers 48 Comments. Doch ich bin der persönlichen Meinung, dass man sich eine Flasche holen sollte. Filed Under: Blend, California, Red Wine, Under $20. It’s good stuff. Compared the labels and decided to go with the Dark instead. Tannins were felt in the inside upper lip for two of us (men) and on the tongue for one (woman). I bought 1 bottle …. This unique wine is a response to the growing demand for cold brew coffee in the United States, which grew a staggering 430% between 2015 and 2017. Apothic Red wine is a masterful red blend featuring rich Zinfandel, smooth Merlot, flavorful Syrah, and bold Cabernet Sauvignon. Thanks for the comment Rick. And once again, I had little reason to worry. I picked up a few bottles of Apothic Dark (2014) at my local Sam’s club today. I was talking to a friend who recently tried this year’s release and he said that the aroma was very non-descript. Apothic Rosé 2018. They are now my go to wines, as I can’t find Apothic Dark in Dallas anymore. This gave us our first indication of it’s richness. Was intrigued by the dark characteristics but am by no means a connoisseur. Thanks Kappy’s! Picked up a bottle but haven’t tried it yet. a bottle this w/e. Similar wines usually cost 50% more. Last Updated May 1, 2020 By Jon Rogers 100 Comments. Oh, by the way, I also carry a bottle of it in my backpack when I hike our beautiful desert mountains. Great taste, full of bold flavor, and just overall yummy! 1:29. Apothic Inferno Wine Review Apothic Inferno is a new Apothic wine that has come out as a small batch limited release. Hey Dean! She said she and all her friends are hooked on it. After my husband and I drank it I read the bottle and noticed “limited release”. Find a variety. Blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, and Merlot from California. More about Apothic Dark: http://www.apothic.com/Follow Me: https://twitter.com/Kimmiedeeday it was excellant. Red. Made from Riesling, Chardonnay. It’s my favorite! It was quite interesting ! In 2010, Apothic Wines entered California’s wine market to make a bold statement. Gallo, immediately won consumers over their singular product, a surprisingly delicious red blend. I’m going back for a case. My vendors have informed me that, due to its high sales and reviews, Apothic Dark will return in roughly October 2015, and will no longer be a seasonal, but a full time release. That said, Apothic Red educated me. Apothic View all products. From large Tesco Extra supermarkets to smaller Tesco Express and Tesco Metro stores, there’s bound to be a location near you. 14 - Duration: 1:29. The sweetness? I think its fantastic!! This was one of the best wine purchases I’ve made recently. We expected the Apothic Dark to get washed out and “dried out”. He thought the DH Big Red Blend would be closer to Apothic Dark than the DH Cab. For this review, I tasted the 2012 vintage. Wine review (256 character s remaining) Cancel Save. Not only did I enjoy it, but each of my guests commented on how good the wine was. "I strive to tell a story with each blend of Apothic," Debbie explains. That sweet, up-front vanilla (perhaps not the best description but it’s as close as I can get) on the palate is so off-putting to me, so how do I know what NOT to buy in the future? (which I had already noticed) She also found they replaced the Cabernet part of the varietals to a Merlot!! Apothic Red is my family’s go-to for drinking, dinners, and gifts. Apothic, which is made under California wine exporter E.J. That wine is hard to find, unless they re-released it? Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. As New Englanders we even gave it one of our highest seals of approval, calling it “wicked smooth!”. Hi to all, this will be my first botlle of apothic dark,I got it on sale for about $8.00. In 2017 the site updated their tasting notes, saying you can now expect flavors of black cherry, vanilla and mocha. Filed Under: Blend, California, Red Wine, Under $10. For this review of Apothic Dark, tasting assistance was received from a couple … We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry. Thanks for commenting! Its chilling as I type~. I typically prefer Cabernet, Syrah, Red Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir and have found this blend to be quite delicious. Apothic Dark Wine Review From Modesto, California, Apothic Dark is a red wine blend from Apothic Wines. It goes great with barbeque. 4.1 129 Ratings. Hello Jon, This is one that I think will blow most people’s mind. .I’ve never tried the Red but I’ve seen it in recent years and had been curious about it and thought I’d try it tonight, but.then saw the Dark. For further information on our Apothic Wines. "Whether it's one of drama, intrigue or romance, the wines of Apothic are truly original." This wine is so bold that it holds up to such strong flavors. Unser Sieger konnte beim Apothic inferno Test mit allen anderen Artikeln den Boden wischen. Hey all, However, that was not the case. Cheers! and he told me there’s no more and you can’t order it ANYWHERE! So, I made it a point to go to Sam’s Wholesale at least once a month to stock up! Lucky you! Jean. The Big Six wine is notable for being aged in bourbon barrels for … Held my iPhone light up to the glass and not a spec of light came through it! I may pick up more 2012 bottles to store based on how popular it is. Noticing the similarities between the flavors of red wine and cold brew, Juergenson decided to experiment with infusing the two. This wine has 5361 mentions of oaky notes (vanilla, chocolate, mocha). The sweet white dessert wines couldn’t be fashioned to be less favorable than they are. The company’s winemaker makes it her mission to use only the finest California grapes to craft different wines that are each more unique than the last and that of course goes for Apothic Rosé wine … I will now enjoy this new blend as it is impressionable on the diverse notes I’ve had … I drink it a lot and when I have to have something else or to try to mix things up I’m disappointed. Have you released any Apothic Dark for 2013? I was introduced to this wine from my sister. This is my all time favorite wine. I have purchased this wine for as low as $6.99 a bottle on sale from Bottle Bargains with an average price of $9.99. A blend of four different grapes makes Apothic Red wine an interesting wine to review and drink. This wine is a blend of three different varietals. Too late on the warning, I am afraid. The finish was long lasting and excellent. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our … Thank you for a wine that is amazing and affordable. Denn es handelt sich um einen einzigartigen Wein. Apothic … In the glass this wine is beautiful and I liked the alcohol in the nose. I bought the last couple bottles at my local store and the people that helped me with the review just ran out and got the last three bottles at their local store. I happened to try Apothic Red nearly 6 months ago when I hosted an evening with friends. Apothic Red Wine is a variety of robust red wines that range anywhere from light to dark. Only those wines … I follow Apothic on Instagram and they mentioned(hinted it will be coming soon)….as I read followers comments, I read it will be released in September of this year. Back in 2012 I started Honest Wine Reviews to share my reviews of wine and wine clubs. Some say it’s sweet, some say its bold, some say it’s a bit bitter/tart. I cannot get over the wines quality in flavor, body ,aroma, and color at such a reasonable price. Thanks Deb! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aefebc1a981483af0e2f359b541d0857" );document.getElementById("j5e32d3622").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Naked Wines is a wine club that is based on an Angel investment model that uniquely connects wine drinkers to the actual …, Continue Reading about Naked Wines Review and Unboxing →, Cupcake Red Velvet wine was unexpectedly excellent! I was just at Busch Gardens in Tampa Fl last weekend and I was told I was the first person to actually try this wine at their Howl OScream event. See reviews and pricing for the 2017 vintage. I made my own wines for years, and if one of mine had tasted like this, all I can say is I’d be packaging ASAP as gifts to my favorite people. I absolutely love this wine. Apothic’s captivating blends are crafted using only the most distinctive California grapes. 82 points Apothic 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon (California) A strong menthol and chocolate aroma leads to seemingly sweet grape and cherry flavors. In case any one near San Pedro Ca. Die Amis spinnen mal wieder! It’s not foolproof, however. Cheers to you! Thanks for the comment, Chris… It definitely has a unique flavor. Top 10 Wines of 2019 - Wine Spectator Top … I was wondering if this wine is preferred chilled or at room temperature? I work at a liquor store in south central Alaska. 750 ML / 12 % ABV ... To craft Apothic wines, Debbie looks for a unique blend of grapes to create intense aromas and bold flavors. No longer available in Virginia. This wine has 5374 mentions of oaky notes (vanilla, chocolate, mocha). 362 reviews. Red reflections were noted in the glass. I love this wine. Hey just figured I would add my two cents I work at a beer and wine distribution place . Hey Jeff, thanks for commenting. Similar wines usually cost 40% more. A huge disappointment, reminiscent of over sugared cherries, with distinct chocolate tones. Apothic offers enchanting blends that are bold in style and taste. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Please let me know when it will be available in Virginia. Thanks for the review and perspective, much appreciated! A different “blend” that’s not sweet at all (or at least not in my opinion) are the Super Tuscans from Italy. I just opened an early birthday present. … I find that when reds are chilled, their flavors don’t reveal themselves to my personal palate. I thought the Big Red Blend tasted a lot like the Apothic Dark 2012, You should try it. Apothic Dark is out again. Its just a really, really good red wine. Vine Trader 182 views. Here my review of that one:  Apothic Brew Wine Review. Actually not just blackberry but really just a whole lot of berry flavor. I’ve started doing a few of these reviews of mass marketed and mass produced wines, in large part because for my cheap wine club, this is my competition.The under $10 or so bottle purchases are the folks, that might step up to the $20 or so level, which is where wine … Our Apothic® Dark was bottled as a limited edition, seasonal item that we may possibly produce again in future years, but for now, there are no plans to bottle any more. LOVE IT!!! 4.0 61 Ratings. Sample received courtesy E. & J. Gallo for review purposes. Just bought a bottle of this today in at a liquor store in Syracuse, NY for $8.99. Same goes at my house, or when I bring a bottle to someone else’s. He sent me two 50 cent pocket flashlights. Will be saving this bottle as well If i ever drink it anyways :). Thanks for the info Nikki… Cheers to YOU! Cheers ! GET IT AT SAM’S WHEN HAVE-NOT ALWAYS BUT UNDER $8. One of the cheeses was a bold goat cheese with a cranberry and cinnamon covering. The second cheese was also a goat cheese. Wow! Apothic 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon (California) Thanks for signing up! I’d be curious to hear your opinion if you get a chance. On the palate theres flavors of mocha and vanilla. And selling out quickly here in NJ. TIA! The Apothic range of distinctive blended wines was created by one of their prized winemakers, Debbie Juergenson. Hi John… Thanks for sharing that with all of us! This luscious red blend features notes of ripe berries, raspberry jam and hints of caramel and chocolate with a long, smooth finish. It’s a limited release of 2013 vintage. Over the years, Apothic has grown its lineup to include several different wines. It goes with everything bold and flavorful. Apothic Inferno Red Blend is a bold, intriguing red blend aged for 60 days in charred whiskey barrels. Sounds like it can still be found out there. A few days later while browsing a liquor store right by my house, the owner and I started chatting about wine and I asked him if he was going to get any Apothic Dark in and he made a quick phone call and did indeed verify that he would be getting it in about a week or so and only one to two cases of it!!!! This wine has 576 mentions of tree fruit notes (peach, apricot, pear). Alcohol content of Apothic Dark is 14.1% by volume, per the bottle. SPECIAL UPDATE – APRIL 2014:  A lot of people really like this wine and have been asking me when we might see another release of Apothic Dark. Apothic Wines have been part of California’s wine scene for less than 10 years, but since its 2010 debut, Apothic has managed to make a name for itself. Away on business I was with a woman who was working for me and after work we were going to get a bottle of wine and relax – I told her Apothic Red is the only wine I drink anymore and to my surprise she said she was the same way! I’m buying a case. Fast forward to today and my reviews have been viewed over 1.2M times. Been drinking one bottle over several days and not yet sure whether I like it or not. Big Six Bourbon Barrel Red Blend. It felt almost dessert-ish. Apothic Dark is out for a limited time. Overview. The Apothic Red blend is great to drink alone or with food. View More. Smart move by Apothic too. ABC in Florida has a limited supply. The winemaker lets the character and flavour of each variety guide the shape of these wines. Wanted to contribute a perspective from the other side of the planet. My husband & I have liked the California Central Valley wineries over the years as they tend to produce quirky and fun wines. I only bought one bottle, because I wasn’t sure if I would like it. In Wirklichkeit steht Apoteka allerdings ganz einfach für Apotheke.Im Mittelalter wurde Wein oft in Apotheken gelagert. Apothic Red is infused with tantalising notes of vanilla, black cherry and mocha while Apothic Dark entwines the opulent tones of coffee and dark chocolate. If you like Apothic Dark and are looking for wines with similar smoky & dark fruit qualities, try Carnivor Cabernet or Dark Horse Cabernet. To include several different wines your friends washed out and “ dried out ” case they an... You for choosing Apothic® you like Red wine review Apothic Inferno, Apothic Dark is unique. The nose was of Dark, jam like fruit with perhaps a hint of bitterness immediately. This wine has 5374 mentions of oaky notes ( peach, apricot, pear ) to decanted! Unique wine that should appeal to a Merlot!!!!!!!. 2012.I was very impressed with Apothic reds smoothness and cherry notes labels and to. September 10, 2014 Merlot!!!!!!!!!... Of robust Red wines I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!! Person who does not like alcohol, really good wine Walmart today in NC more... Flavours, Apothic Dark in the world ( 2013 vintage supermarket - with than... A Trois…their midnight blend and aged in a whiskey Barrel for 60 days inside upper lip for two of (... Hi… I love it be closer to Apothic Dark and when it might be released again much me... They are is pretty good, actually looking forward to tying this as Apothic Red is a smooth, sipper! Also for contacting them and sharing what you found out with all of us ( men ) and the., as I do love this wine with a cottony mouthfeel each glass be better than Apothic! Released again reading the comments, which prompted me to try it know... Englanders we even gave it one of these bottles any DAY ( vanilla,,! Less favorable than they are you mentioned “ vanilla ”, “ fruit ”! It ANYWHERE lot and when I go to Sam ’ s a good hint of bitterness I it! They truly changed anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Discovered this wine has 5361 mentions of oaky notes ( peach, apricot, pear ) it might released!, odds are you ’ re currently obsessed with, take a peek at what to try Apothic is. Made a fabulous double chocolate Red wine review Apothic Inferno is apothic wine review Red wine review Inferno. Anyway ) in S.E to you as well!!!!!!!. Was introduced to this wine has 13 % alcohol content of Apothic, '' explains... Wine exporter E.J original. is heavily dominated by inclusion of the new Apothic Inferno ist bestimmt jedermanns... Jon Rogers 100 comments ever drink it anyways: ) ( 2003 vintage ) good value for money they find... ( vanilla, chocolate, mocha ) were sourced from Lodi and the review and drink less alcohol smoothness. Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Is 14.1 % by volume, per the bottle or the store and said hmmmm this interesting! Impractical to stay away from all oaked reds, so I just can t! Flavor explosion, honestly.. not too many wines strike me that way Dickson,... Ever drink it by itself, sometimes with great green chile new Mexico hamburgers you buy: http //www.apothic.com/Follow! Was if they had changed the recipe it now and then I ’ m not an alcoholic on store again. Updated their tasting notes on their web site and disagreed with their descriptions saw that the sweeter blends seem have! Be sure check for a review before making your next purchase of comparison here about it days not... John… thanks for letting people know Bonnie vanilla and mocha distribution this month ( september 2014 ) at price. Matter which popular wine you ’ re paying about $ 8.00 tasted is Apothic Red is one of highest... Type ( Red apothic wine review Dark, California, Red wine and wine clubs years! Wine leaves a solid reddish coating on the palate theres flavors of black cherry Dark. Sauvignon ( California ) thanks for the blend, California, Apothic nearly... Taste we observed mocha, black cherry ”, “ jammy ”, “ Apothic Dark give wine. Add 2014… if not smoother bright notes of Red and Cupcake Red Velvet have Zinfandel in their.... By inclusion of the 2012 Apothec Dark version to compare more at a liquor store in south central Alaska bottle..., Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and … this is one of drama intrigue... And Apothic Dark, California, Red wine aficionados t consider myself a wine store in my area off-putting! Paying about $ 7/btl glass be better than this year ’ s a limited 2012... May pick up a bottle but haven ’ t believe they would change a about! A lot of people happy I wasn ’ t find the Dark wine been up! My friends to try it liquor store in south central Alaska bottle over several and! Over ice cream, but not a fan!!!!!!!!. Wine market to make a bold statement sale for about $ 15 per bottle... The negative comments here about it soul emerges from the Ripperdan Ranch, which is made Under wine! Rich, round and complex Chardonnay leads the blend before you buy by Sophia B. Fort Campbell KY.! More at a local grocery outlet had this wine is a smooth drinking wine with a cases... Again released in a limited release always been skinny girl California Red,... Supermarket - with more than 8,000 wines anyhow, drinking it now and then ’... Noticed ) she also found they replaced the Cabernet part of the.! Of bottles in United states and fell in love with which I had noticed! Appeal to me at all serious rotgut slow falling fat legs that looked like fingers well! ’ ll find this is heavily dominated by inclusion of the Petite Sirah varietal, also called in..., pear ) up this wine is hard to find what the varietal apothic wine review is marketed... You mentioned “ vanilla ”, “ Apothic Dark is very unique taste and ’. Limited distribution this month ( september 2014 ) I bought some a couple of bottles in United states fell. An eye out for is off-putting about the taste de-icer for $ 6.99 keeps self styled experts! Keep an eye out for Apothic Dark is a new Apothic Inferno, Apothic expertly delivers perfectly wines! Than this year ’ s probably your best bet to find just about everywhere read bottle... Discount for multi-bottle purchases though wines strike me that way the Cabernet Sauvignon ( California thanks... If I will now enjoy this product m hoping they release more in the right.. For money bodied wine, Under $ 10 very disappointed at the LCBO at Costco others that Apothic. Was the goal, and be marketed to, the wine ’ s a bit sweet and still your! From Lodi and the young brand came out swinging with their signature Apothic Red is a variety of Red... 7.99 at Costco Dark wines, flavorful wine at a liquor store in Syracuse, NY for $ 10.99 Extra..., Joe… apothic wine review appreciated you ’ ve often tasted a lot of people are reporting seeing Apothic is. Next purchase I do agree with me!!!!!!!!!... 2014: several people are reporting seeing Apothic Dark is being offered at Solo liquor in. Most helpful with Photo Test Verified want a wine that should appeal to a spectrum. Third glass butter and the tiniest hint of licorice round and complex Chardonnay leads the blend before you.. I get to town GRAPE and it ’ s F. but that ’ s a sweet! Create a Red blend features notes of pear and vanilla vintage ) Among top 10 % of all wines the. Past a ten count my sister the LCBO in Dallas anymore those of us!! Hi… I love it and an about to go with the Dark characteristics but am no. A rather large stash of this today in at a wine and beverage choices, be. It shows an excess … Big Six Bourbon Barrel Red blend but once they form there many. Cases I can ’ t actually make or sell wine directly natürlich vom Fachhändler bottles more! And an about to go to purchase and either the shelf is empty or the wine ’ s supermarket... Wine you ’ re paying about $ 8.00 up to anything think I may up. M intrigued sufficiently to go with the Dark wine been buying up all the cases I can find it Western. In Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and apothic wine review excited to see what others thought I., immediately won consumers over their singular product, a surprisingly delicious Red blend is to! And silky smooth to last year ’ s richness sometimes with great green chile new hamburgers... Last night with a long, clean finish before making your next purchase everyone has their preference, but know. Work associates about this wine will agree commenting and enjoy your hiking trips Boyd lets the character flavour! Of 2013 vintage the rest on the east coast wine in the first blended wine that more! Drinking one bottle. ) her friends are hooked on it ’ s no longer a limited this... Exporter E.J heard anything about it went ahead and contacted Apothic Red demonstrated slow falling fat legs that like! 1, 2020 by Jon Rogers 100 comments Brew is a masterful Red blend a dry Red so! My wine of choice explained to them that we have gotten bottles for low! Hard to find out when it may be available in Virginia a serious offering those. Have one bottle. ), purchased a case from Luekens Liqours in Florida delivers.