Understand and address social problems and inequalities in global, institutional, and interpersonal social relations. Pursue course work at all levels in the language, cultures, literatures, and intellectual histories of the French tradition. Thinking About Starting a Project? indicating which courses you plan to apply toward each major and any minor(s). Stanford Undergrad is your guide to undergraduate academics and opportunities run by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Must be taken for a LETTER grade; a minimum C- is required. Communication majors and minors must register for all Communication courses for a letter grade if offered, and must maintain a C average (2.0) in courses towards the major/minor. Majors Minor Honors Coterm Graduate FAQs ... Student Services Office Financial Aid Main Content. Explore the options below and if you are considering a particular major, go visit the department! 2020-21 Civil Engineering UG Degree Programs (CE-BS, BAS, BASH, BSH, Secondary, MINOR) UG Director: Prof Ronaldo Borja, 277C Y2E2, borja@stanford.edu Student Services: Jill Filice, 316 Y2E2, jill.filice@stanford.edu Departmental Chair: Lynn Hildemann, hildemann@stanford.edu — ABET ACCREDITATION CRITERIA APPLY — Civil engineers plan, design, construct and sustain the built MCS will accept letter grade or credit for all major/minor courses for 2020-21 academic year. The PhD minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies equips graduate students pursuing PhDs with broad interdisciplinary knowledge in the field and prepares them to teach courses in the field. Stanford, CA 94305-2000. asianlanguages@stanford.edu Grounded in moral and political philosophy, Ethics in Society is designed to foster scholarship, teaching, and moral reflection on fundamental issues in personal and public life. The minor is structured to provide a substantial introduction to education through a broad-based and focused study of educational research, theory and practice. UG Program Director: William Burnett, Bldg 550, Room 137, wburnett@stanford.edu Student Services: Bldg 530, Room 125, and Michelle Rice, malucas@stanford.edu The mission of the undergraduate program in Product Design is to graduate designers who can synthesize technology, human factors, and business factors in the service of human need. Secondary majors do not appear on the diploma. The Dance Division offers a range of broadly diverse approaches to dance as a performing art, cultural practice, political act and embodiment of ideology and beliefs. Film & Media Studies Major Suggested Preparation For The Major. Independently investigate complex environmental problems caused by human activities in interaction with natural changes in the Earth system. The … Learn about the economic aspects of modern society, analyze contemporary economic problems, and develop the ability to exercise judgment in evaluating public policy. All courses for the CS minor must be taken for a letter grade and the average GPA must be at least 2.0. MINOR REQUIREMENTS. For students interested in the theory of statistics and/or probability, or for students who wish to apply statistical and probabilistic methods to a substantive area. Getting to Stanford © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. * For AY 2020-21 only, Minor students are permitted to take all courses for Credit/No Credit. It must be approved by the Undergraduate Student Services Officer and should be done at least one quarter before graduation. Students who have a background in literature and/or cultural studies can apply for this individualized co-term. Combining hands-on architectural design studios Majors and minors are eligible to apply for departmental … Suggestions for those things you never got around to doing during the year... There’s a myth going around that to do a double major, you have to do 225 units to graduate. An interdisciplinary program that engages students in the process of evaluating policy options and outcomes. Minors can add breadth to an undergraduate education by allowing you to either develop an expertise in a related field, or cultivate interests that are quite independent of your major. Only courses with a grade of C- or above will be counted towards the major/minor. This does not change which courses count for the Physics Major and Minor Requirements; it only allows you to take them CR/NC rather than for a letter grade (and this only applies to Winter 2020). © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305.