How a Business Card helped land my agency a $93,000 project.

If there's one thing I've learned in my years in business it's that you never know when a great opportunity will be right in front of you. And, you'd better be prepared.

In this case it was in the form of a company president who was standing beside me in an elevator. Having just heard her speak at an event that we were both leaving, I spoke up and genuinely complimented her. She smiled appreciatively, we exchanged a couple words, and then she asked about my business. That's right, it was my big 'elevator speech' opportunity and it was all of five words. I simply said: "I help get people excited" and handed her my business card.

She took the card and looked at it... and looked at it... and then looked at it some more. And, with a laugh, she finally looked up and said, "This may be the first time that someone has made a great claim about their business and then immediately proved it. Great card."

Of course, she was now totally curious about my business and before we hit the grown floor she suggested lunch. Three months later I signed a contract for a two month, $93,000 project on which I made $88,000 profit.


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