Amadeus Travel Technology Systems

The Rebranding Effort that Re-established a B2B Leadership Position.


Despite its prominence as an IT solution provider to the travel industry, Amadeus lacked a strong, clear, brand identity and was losing ground to its competition.

Rebrand Amadeus as an industry leader in a way to help increase market share.

After an initial 5-hour MT consultation Follis LLC was put on retainer to tackle the assignment. Follis created a 3-part marketing plan starting with a new, branding tagline. That new tagline: "The name behind the best names in travel" then acted as the foundation for the trade campaign. The campaign not only branded Amadeus as the industry leader, but it did so in a way that elevated and promoted its business partners ("the best names in travel") who got the added benefit of about 400k worth of industry media exposure. The branding ad concept was then adapted to work across multiple media channels (ie. online, direct response, etc)

In a letter from Amadeus Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Phillips, Follis LLC was highly praised with a glowing report of the early results. Amadeus is now the leading provider of IT solutions to the travel industry in 217 markets worldwide.

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