The Commodity Exchange

Making a dull product sexy with an award-winning campaign and national press.


The Commodity Exchange (COMEX) is one of the world’s largest exchanges of commodities, including precious metals. But most investors didn’t have a clear grasp of the COMEX and how it might relate to them.

Find a way to make the COMEX more exciting and relevant to potential investors and the financial community as a whole.

Focus on the most alluring, accessible and profitable aspect of the COMEX: gold. A slightly modified logo design identified the precious metals traded on the exchange. The agency offered two campaign solutions. One used an emotional, historical approach which played off man’s never ending quest for gold. The other more intellectual approach used and alluring metallic gold page reminding readers that gold is an important part of any investment portfolio.

An award winning campaign which not only received a strong positive response from the investment community but also from the national press including Crain’s New York Business, The New York Times and USA Today.
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