An award-winning campaign with national press and a 25% sales increase.


Daffy's is a New York based clothing retailer that sells designer brands at 40 to 70% off, every day. They had several stores.

Help them turn around a decline in sales. A market analysis suggested that consumers were interested in better value, so Daffy's off-price model was on target. But it also revealed that the off-price message wasn't coming across, and that Daffy's actually undermined their "40 to 70% off, every day" message every time they ran a sale.

Turn up the volume with a harder hitting creative strategy ("You're getting ripped-off if you pay retail"), harder hitting creative (see campaign), and increased spending.

With a 25% dollar volume increase after the first year of the award-winning campaign, Daffy's quickly expanded their marketing effort and added 3 new stores. The provocative campaign also garnered a featured article in The New York Times

See campaign.

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