National Committee
for the Prevention of Child Abuse / NBA

PSA campaign with over 50% response nationally.

In the 90's the NCPCA and NBA teamed up to help address child abuse. The NBA was donating 5M of TV air time during their prime time playoffs to give the cause, and themselves, good exposure.

As head of our creative agency my goal was to avoid the expected (and boring) approach of players reading scripted copy to the camera, which the NBA expected and kinda wanted. So, the real challenge was: How do we create attention-getting spots that make a relevant and compelling connection between basketball and child abuse?

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Committee Chair, Jerry Fine, stated "...the campaign increased hot-line responses by over 50%. Follis' work is exceptional." NBA Deputy Commissioner Russ Granik said, "We’ve gotten more favorable notice (mail, media response, etc.) for these spots than for any other PSA effort we've ever done." The campaign won several major ad awards and got the agency head and campaign creator, John Follis, honored at The White House and The UN.

The wild story of how John's agency got this project is told by John in this post and short film.

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