The edgy campaign that increased national sales 50% and became a Harvard Business case study.


The jams and jellies category was cluttered with many brands made essentially the same way. The market was dominated by Smucker’s, made mostly from refined sugar, corn syrup and only a small percent of fruit. In contrast, Sorrell Ridge produced an all-fruit product but had little distribution outside of health food stores.

To introduce a new product (Sorrell Ridge) against a giant competitor (Smuckers) which had a 30 year reputation for being honest, friendly, and good. The marketing objective was to increase sales, gain broader distribution, and do it all on a shoe-string budget.

Go head-to-head against the competition where it was most vulnerable. Ironically, we determined that Smucker's tagline, ("With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good,") was both it's biggest equity and its most vulnerable target. A playful TV execution dismantled the tagline and revealed the truth: "With 100% fruit, we have to be better." We also created this head-to-head coupon print ad.

President/CEO Fred Ross: "It was a resounding success." First month sales increased 90% and national sales increased 50% the first year while the category grew only 3.5%. Forbes ran a feature article on the success of the campaign, and Harvard Business School teaches the case. Sorrell Ridge, now widely distributed, keeps the tagline on their label.
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