The diminished scale is used to solo over diminished 7 (Dim7) chords. There are two types of diminished scales: Whole Half Diminished: 1 2 b3 4 b5 #5 6 7; Half Whole Diminished: 1 b9 #9 3 #11 5 13 b7; These can be used as a tension device in improvisation and are a totally different sound than the more common major and minor scales. This is difficult to remember. Each scale connotes something different. SYNTHETIC Scales: Scale Name: Spelling: Major Scale Reference: C Whole Tone C,D,E,F#,G#,Bb = 1,2,3,#11,#5,b7 C Diminished C,D,Eb,F,Gb,Ab,Bbb,B = 1,2,b3,4,b5,b6,bb7,7 25 0 obj This is difficult to remember. ?�S��u謔Q���Yw*��n���Z`���5�'1�@v12m�Ni��V̩@�~7�$9���̄����GB����l��$2��\�H>sPYτ��S�e�������#p �F��Dr�M�sh�$��s-��w�\�&h�5��z87I��Y�#崞@��#��f�*IN�pё�Pe!1�x� ��L\@��N6w�Ax��� ��c�$�Sӟ�A&c��*rh��Jg,�*�a���Pe36�Q ~)���.�U�C����u���*�� endobj �~?l��|?8�y����@�P�a�>�6pI��#��3�n�vp]G���r��V^�Y��A�Č$�[,�N���.nq��ir��59��L�=��4��3�%���Yo���[��^��N��;a>*��l����� ���Ӄ^��@ϓx_/Hlc�1��M������ 23 0 obj ��ʮ���q��s�� E��O���پ����n~������'~��/��fß�;�6��qkW�Y5����|�%�7���.���nC��������M��>[o���v���6��ܴۧ�][�٪5����u�"?a{��u�5/@�_pI���ͶYm�'�f�]���4Gxκ}6� This is unique to each person. There are two diminished scales called the half-whole and whole-half. Diminished scales are symmetrical and repeat in minor 3rds meaning that 1 diminished scale is actually 4 diminished scales. 6�v���:�����=� ��+���>s���e`�4>EY��hf0(cc�Dy��.l�]��e����=��hy���&��f?8�2���V$��ȶ _'_�+*(��J$0(�Lʉ}'�%�)������o(��FY����ɥL�kd��=�tI�����_qX���~ɱ���w�eF`�(��p�-��AZs��I�d\���.�̄Bok��X�=�|�w Since this scale is repeated every three semitones, let’s check the diminished scale of D#: Note that, although these two scales start on different notes (one starts in C and the other starts in D#), both have the same notes. endstream << /Type /Pages /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] /Count 3 /Kids [ 1 0 R 15 0 R 3 0 obj !|)��.��A)IN7�J��l��4���������E G����D�R�E�x\��+�*[�� ^#F1fYAҚ)�tJ�z�ۮ|x�����_�A*���j���Lr�� CF`��n�ꮊ'7F�jڎ��+��i�,i����ˉ��q�UJ��/Ŷ-iO����Ӻ� Imagine that your band is playing a song that contains the chords | C | D | Em |, repeated in that sequence. Check out this really awesome Major Bebop scale tutorial by Steve. the intervals repeat in a pattern) Because it is a symmetrical scale (and much like the diminished chord) there are only three unique diminished scales: C = E♭ = G♭ = A diminished scale; D♭ = E = G = B♭ diminished scale 1 printable PDF eBook ; 25 Audio Files You can make up a phrase on the diminished scale and repeat it every three semitones, creating a very interesting effect. Feed me some notes (eg. The diminished scale is an eight note scale. The diminished scale pattern is a whole – half step repeating pattern. �؃hm�-]я0�����6L ��$� �ܟ i0 �4 V�� v|7��ɉ���i0�gV&����`��� The tritone scale is a subset of the diminished scale. 706 22 0 obj When you hear a certain scale, you probably associate it with something. Well we’re going to have a look at our first scale - the half diminished scale. Link to page dedicated to Guitar Whole Tone Scale; Link to PDF file with all 5 positions of the Guitar Whole Tone Scale. In the next section we’ll look at the other important scale the altered scale. In this case, the tonic (fundamental) of the dominant chord is played (that is, the scale starts with that note) and then the diminished scale is played a semitone above that tonic. This is very advantageous, as it opens up a very wide range of possibilities. That was a standard which employed the melodic minor ascending scale. In fact, you probably already know this scale by another name: the Major Bebop scale! In other words, learn the scale construction first before getting bogged down with fingerings. 13 0 obj �h)���ř0Njc�7�+�Ֆy$�J3�5���zM�{^ǯ߬�w?