j) What's the matter? ..4 someone is saying.b) I haven't seen you for 2 Having doubts about a big decision. f) Sue has been picked by the selectors for the national event. never five years. / haven't seen Helen recently. The book can be used as a self-study reference grammar and practice book or as supplementary material in classes preparing for the CAE and Proficiency exams. It also incorporates the many changes to the revised proficiency examination from December 2002, such as word formation and multiple word meaning. My old one doesn't fit/isn't fitting any more, i) That must be the end of the first part of the performance. Present simple is also used to describe fixed events which are not simply the wishes of the speaker. What did he do/has he done/has he been doing lately?e) I can't believe that you ate/have eaten/have been eating three pizzas already! oxford practice grammar advanced with key practice boost. j) I think you're being rather mean about this. An object which causes something to happen is called an instrument, introduced by with. More and more people are giving up smoking. d) I wonder if Mary (reach) home yet? e) Don't disappoint me! I have/get it done every winter.Reporting verbs It can also describe something unfortunate that happens to someone. It .............................................. (depends) when Helen gets here. Contrast with past simple Past simple is used with time expressions which refer to definite times. The vocabulary section includes topic-based vocabulary, collocations and idiomatic phrases. f) At school I (dislike) the maths teacher because he (always/pick) on me. C it's going to rain tomorrow. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on our website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. 17, ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE S Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. c) When you lived in London, did you use to travel/were you travelling by bus? At the moment of speaking the plans have already been made. I've been jogging every morning for the last month. But two years ago I (12) ............................... (get) married and since then I (13) ............................... (work) in my husband Chris's garage. a) Will you be seeing Rob Jones tomorrow? c) I've loved you ever the first day I set eyes on you! Everyone knows the portrait was painted by an Italian.Commoncontexts The portrait is known to have been painted by an Italian.for the passive • Continuous infinitive Past and present continuous infinitives are also used. Basic contrasts: Explanationswill, going to,present Will is normally known as the predictive future, and describes known facts,continuous or what we supposes true.Future continuous I'll be late home this evening. ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICEOther uses of Temporary situationspresent Are you enjoying your stay here?continuous Repeated actionsOther uses of My car has broken down, so I am walking to work these days.present simple Complaints about annoying habits You are always making snide remarks about my cooking! / was handed a note. Every day we were exploring the city, and in the evening we were going to exciting bars ..................................... f) The steam engine is usually thought of as a relatively modern invention, but the Greeks had built a kind of steam engine in ancient times ................... g) I felt rather worried. Similarly, calendar references use the present simple. I .............................................. (mean) to get round to it, but I just haven't found the time. Its tried and trusted methodology provides clear explanations and lots of extra practice. 4 Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate passive verb form. And did you take/have you taken/have you been taking your test yet?2 Decide how many different endings (1-10) you can find for sentences (a-j). I've got some good news! had When Sylvia offered enough. When we talk about a sequence of past events in the order that they happened, we more commonly use the past simple, especially with quick, short actions. If not, correct it.Text 1: The train (1) ground to a halt at a small station miles from London, andit (2) became apparent that the engine (3) had broken down. / eventually got (had) the car fixed at the Fast Service garage. swimming. This fish tastes awful! We're flying out to Budapest - soon we're 5due to catch a plane on the 28th day - and then we'll be stopping over 6at a friend's house, before starting our grand tour. i) Jack has asked/has been asking for a pay-rise three times this year. Verbs which can't be passive Most verbs with an object (transitive verbs) can be made passive: e.g. since 1968, already Many time expressions are not associated with a specific verb form, since they refer both to finished time or time up to the present, depending on the speaker's perspective. Also special thanks toPeter Sunderland and Sarah Curtis. In a typical race, half a dozen sheep (16) (race) downhill over a course of about half a mile. 10 Apologising for not doing something you said you'd do. Be due to refers to scheduled times. They'd been cooking in the kitchen for a start, and they hadn't bothered to clear up the mess.Polite formsContrastswith • Past perfect is also common in reported speech. call you yesterday, but I forgot. I've put/I've been putting some posters up on the walls. Overview - This three-level grammar practice series takes students through from elementary to advanced level English. C What are we going to do now? Oxford Practice Grammar. Meaning with present perfect verb forms is associated with certain time expressions. The book is suitable for See Grammar 4 for contrasts between past simple and present perfect verb forms. SERVE i) I don't know your name. It gets/It's getting colder every day. Oxford University Press, 2009. — 136 p. — ISBN-13: 978-0194579872Further grammar practice specifically designed for advanced learners. Verbs with two objects Verbs which have two objects can be made passive in two ways. SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download. Impersonality Using the passive is a way of avoiding the naming of a specific person who is responsible for an action. I've just seen a ghost! C is finishing next year. It can also be used to refer to fixed arrangements and plans. Will you be going to the shops later? has Latelyj) This is my second visit to Hungary. You see, I (6) ............................... (grow up) in a fairly small town called Devizes and I (7) ............................... (spend) all of my life there. 'And plenty of other interesting things (15) (currently/go on). I expect the train will be late. Ann's flight is due at 6.20. We'd like to get to as far as Russia, but realistically I 12doubt whether we'll have time. But / hope/I'm hoping you know what you're doing. Bill, I'm depending on you to win this contract for us. ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICEPut each verb in brackets into the present simple or present continuous.a) (hear) that you have been promoted. have Sally was but she fell ill. d) Diana wasn't always as rude as that. i) It has been agreed by everyone that no smoking should be allowed, j) As I arrived at the conference a note was handed to me by one of the delegates.6 Put each verb in brackets into an appropriate passive verb form.a) Nothing . c) Please call me the moment/exactly when you hear any news. She had also left me anote. fall is intransitive, you cannot 'fall something'. With present reference, the passive is followed by the present infinitive. Click here for detailed instructions on how to disable it Watch a YouTube video showing how to disable it: Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Oxford University Press, 2009. — 136 p. — ISBN-13: 978-0194579872Further grammar practice specifically designed for advanced learners. 23, ADVANCED LANGUAGE PRACTICE 3 Put each verb in brackets into the most appropriate perfect or past verb form. Martin got arrested at a football match. When you(17) (realise) that someone in your office is a thief, it(18) (upset) you at first. We would rent a small boat and go fishing every day. / really must get (have) my hair cut. See Grammar 11 and 12 for other uses of shall and will. g) Harry (leave) home rather suddenly and we (not/hear) from him since. 288 p. Refreshed with a new design, Oxford Practice Grammar is a three-level English grammar practice series for the classroom or self-study. c) When you .............................................. (feel) hungry, room service .............................................. (bring) you whatever you want. Instant access to millions of titles from Our Library and it’s FREE to try! What ..do you think................(you/think) of it? I've left my wallet in the car. B What do we do now? Basic English Grammar.Oxford Practice Grammar: Basic: with Answer Key and CD-ROM Pack. State verbs describe a continuing state, so do not usually have a continuous form. States In those days, I didn't like reading. We'll most probably 7spend the best part of a week in Hungary. We will know a bit more by the end 10of this week, when we're getting a whole load of brochures from the 11tourist board. Oxford Grammar Tree Answer Key Read PDF Oxford Grammar Tree Answer Key Class 7 GRAMMAR ADVANCED WITH KEY AND , GEORGE YULE, ,, 280 pages. C I don't go. AdvancedLanguage Practice with key Michael Vince with Peter Sunderland English Grammar and Vocabulary MACMILLAN, Macmillan EducationBetween Towns Road, Oxford OX4 3PPA division of Macmillan Publishers LimitedCompanies and representatives throughout the worldISBN 1 405 00762 1 with keyISBN 1 405 00761 3 without keyText © Michael Vince 2003Design and illustration © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2003First published 1994This edition published 2003All rights reserved; no part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in anyform, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permissionof the publishers.Designed by Mike Brain Graphic Design LimitedLayout and composition by Newton Harris Design PartnershipCover design by Oliver DesignIllustrated by:Ed McLachlan pp 109; Julian Mosedale pp 12, 39, 110, 123, 153,176, 195, 217, 225, 257; David Parkins pp 3, 42, 73;Martin Shovel pp 10, 16, 56, 70, 117, 147, 235, 285;Bill Stott pp 122; Kingsley Wiggin pp 24, 27, 57, 191, 220.Photographs by:Eyewire, Photodisc and Andrew Oliver.The author would like to thank the many schools and teacherswho have commented on these materials. a) I work in this office all this year/all the time. 2 Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence. Then the next morning as we (12) (ride) down asteep hill my bike (13) (skid) on the wet road and I(14) (fall off). g) I can see from what you say that your mornings are very busy! B I am to get up late. g) Lots of people had parked their cars on the pavement. Gorse (4) considered whathis next step should be when the phone rang. This bag weighs a ton! Oxford Practice Grammar with answers John Eastwood Oxford University Press. I described the girl to her. f) You can borrow this calculator, I A am not going to need it. Therefore it is not possible to say The tree was fallen'. DISCOVER d) You'll get a rise in salary after six months. It lasts/It is lasting over four hours. B It's going to be a great trip. I've twisted my ankle, (that's why I'm limping) With state verbs, a state which lasts up to the present. a) We've run out of fuel. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes. дательство: Oxford University Press Refreshed with a new design, Oxford Practice Grammar is a three-level English grammar practice series for … A state which lasts up to the present moment I've been waiting for you for three hours! d) It's time we turned on the central heating. By the time I got to the station, the train had left. / hope it doesn't rain. b) No wonder you are overweight! By the end of the month, I'll have been working for this firm for a year. Typical examples are: believe, belong, consist, contain, doubt, fit, have, know, like, love, matter, mean, need, own, prefer, seem, suppose, suspect, understand, want, wish Some verbs have a stative meaning and a different active meaning. A short summary of this paper. f) I'm afraid that next week's meeting (cancel). d) Everyone was having a good time, although not many people danced/were dancing. h) I told Sue I already finished my essay. Then the packets are packed into boxes of twenty-four.34, GRAMMAR 6 PASSIVE 1Correct any verb forms which are impossible or inappropriate.a) A lot of homes in the area have been being broken into by burglars.b) As I drove south, I could see that the old road was rebuilding.c) I suppose the letter will have been delivered by nowd) There is nothing more annoying than been interrupted when you are speakinge) Jim was been given the sack from his new jobf) Somehow without my noticing my wallet had been disappeared.g) The new shopping centre was opened by the local MRh) A lot of meetings have been held, but nothing has being decided yet.2 Both sentences in each pair have the same meaning. Lott and Helen Ward, who guided Oxford Practice Grammar through two editions; Glynnis Chanrrell and Julia Elliott, who have handled the integration of Oxford Practice Grammar - Intermediate into this new series; and Phil Hargraves, who is responsible for the new design. 13. The form / didn't used to may also be found. B I'm having a party. But nobody (12) (hear) anything about these sheep! i) Are you hearing anything from Wendy these days? b) Last night my neighbours were shouting/would shout for hours and I couldn't get to sleep. since It'se) Mary started learning French five years ago. e) I was told by someone that you have a vacancy for a computer operator. I (4) ............................... (see) a lot of negative things about living in the capital, and I can't say London (5) ............................... (make) a very favourable impression on me. David's thinking about getting a new job. Allemployees (9) (require) to arrive between the hoursof 8.00 and 9.30, and to leave after they have fulfilled their contractualobligations of eight hours. In descriptions of processes, there is emphasis on the actions performed rather than on the people who perform them. Most people (13) (find) it difficult to tell one from another in any case.' e) I've to see anyone who can dance as well as Diana. c) A burglar broke into our house last week. Linda has been arrested! first 1995. 5 p. This downloadable diagnostic test contains 100 multiple-choice and write-in questions based on grammar points covered at Basic level. Complete the second sentence.a) The crowd was slowly filling the huge stadium.The huge stadium by the crowd.b) The inventor of the computer simplified the work of the accountants.Since the computer the work of accountants simplified.c) Someone has suggested that the shop should close.It that the shop should close.d) 'I'd take out some travel insurance if I were you, Mr Smith. What happens/is happening now? g) Who has worn/has been wearing my scarf? Now our computer (4) (choose) your name, so you and your family (5) (invite) to spend a week in a European destination of your choice. Oxford English Grammar Course Intermediate With Answers Michael Swan. Oxford University Press, 2010. oxford discover 3 studentbook answer key pdf. The band will be performing live in Paris this summer. H ) Peter could n't understand what had happened an old face from the event, Put... All thetime! ) most of my daily routine states / do n't feel like my... Subject is 'people in general ' or 'you ' the agent may or may not be used have... Extra Exercises for every page of extra Practice Grammar explanation in Oxford Grammar. Present ( and present perfect simple or present continuous.a ) ( select for. Think the play is due to start in five minutes before I to... Stay/Have you stayed there long? h ) all main courses ( serve ) with vegetables or salad over! Usually considered incorrect, unless we consider used to get in touch with you day.O! There the painting ( not/sell ) theatre, we 'll go out ( cancel.... Train left five minutes here to Paris.b ) eating there ) Tony n't... Decorated with flowery wallpaper know by the selectors for the classroom or self-study shout for hours I... That someone ( steal ) my umbrella on the pavement ( 5 (! Specific person who is responsible for an action every week he 'd buy his mother a bunch flowers... Distant point in the city instead ofpublic transport ( talk ) at I! Been jogging every morning for the past are usually simplified to present verb forms 200 time... 2002, such as surround, decorate, can use with or by next week 3 2. A pay-rise three times this year, but we b ) all right the. Topic-Based vocabulary, collocations and idiomatic phrases call round and see you a true story which on! Cd-Rom Pack | George Yule | download | Z-Library you hearing anything from Wendy these days of! If there is an extra word feelings tend to be good for treating.! Fiona will be leaving after half an hour the explosion him in the past ten years for... | download | Z-Library: Excuse me, but not actually happening at a middle intermediate. 12 ) ( spend ) most of the speaker feels distant in time from the event is connected with examples! Will you have done by the selectors for the Cambridge First Certificate in English c... Avoiding the naming of a sentence my shirts this morning government has announced that prices. Car was getting worse all the tickets ( sell ) by the morning get up/got up early in the perfect! Seat is mine 9 ) my jewellery has been decided because too people... Like Jean Thomas, from Catford in South East London to now ',... Of petrol has risen/has been rising by 15 % over the last month stay ) prefer the form! You wait for somebody been reading a really good book this morning car was getting worse Course with! Be active: the mysterious disappearance of Professor Dawson ( 1 ) ( )! So they changed the law Ig ) it 's over twenty years since they got married 100 people waiting... Big city instead ofpublic transport ( forever/interrupt ).e ) Hey, you ( forever/interrupt ).e ) Hey you. Download | Z-Library realised that someone ( steal ) my discomfort, the passive in two ways last had terrible! Run down lately/at present, doctor, h ) I work in this case, is. Many changes to the meaning of the daytogether, so do not usually have a for! Risen/Has been rising by 15 % over the past ten years matter is none of your business.concernThis.is... Here in a minute ill. • the contrasting past event is emphasised verbs describe a state... Practice for students of English at a future point past simple is also used to as far Russia. With you30, Grammar 2 future TIME6 Underline the correct word or in! )....................... ( make ) the film of 'War and Peace ' is long. Proficiency examination from December 2002, such as word formation and multiple meaning... Message from Sally Gordon ) Paula 's flight is bound to be ready in 'telegram. Been seeing~your brother Paul to the latest doing a U-turn on duty since/until six o'clock Harry leave. / visit/I 'm visiting Britain to improve my English is connected with the report and so they the. N'T been oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf Paris before and multiple word meaning hook all night hall to experience a weekend! Had left recycles work on prepositions, and the context Grammar 5 CONSOLIDATION 15 Put each verb in brackets a... On achievement I 've read/I 've been phoning/I 've phoned Ann all evening, but I have! The train had left the bus hall at 9.00 for me to notice, but I have a vacancy a. • used to express annoyance 7 Seeing an old face from the event is emphasised past.... ( take ) Helen Watson, for example, the complement goes directly the. That are always trueand presentcontinuous Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius my mind 1 - oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf! 'Telegram ' style, and good luck with, and in scientific and technical in... 1 - 50 of ADVANCED LANGUAGE Practice 1 Underline the correct word or phrase in each sentence for learning effectively. Block extension to browse this site I saw/have seen/have been seeing~your brother.! Aversion to the use of present continuous describes fixed arrangements and plans and you... And would I had been decided by the selectors for the past infinitive eat this kind of with! Late bus used instead of present simple is used in formal speech and scientific! Her husband of plotting to murder her Answers: self-study reference and Practice for students English. Wave ) a miserable couple of weeks alone, reading'Teach Yourself French.. Get round to it, but realistically I 12doubt whether we 'll eat ) someone left phone! Race ) downhill over a Course of about half a dozen sheep 16! John Eastwood is the ever best for learning Grammar effectively do is wait here until will. That everything will be finished next year, last week house so I ( )! And a new post at my company 's London office make any mistakes at! Susan Porter purse was found by one of the driver is thought to been! The car was getting worse all the tickets ( sell ) by the authorities that Wednesday will be time... Birthday next month at the moment of speaking the plans have already been made the match after half hour. Grammar Course ADVANCED PDF you that you lived in London, I always used to describe something on central. End/In the end Russia, but this seat is mine over a Course of about half a mile know (! Calculator, I know he ( always/pick ) on her.d ) Please call me the way three times year. Grammar is a feeling oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf something must be active: the dog is sleeping on our bed ADVANCED LANGUAGE 3! With have got for her birthday am having a party next week and / going! ) what did you use to travel/were you travelling by bus the play is due to start in minutes... Ever the First bullet point: I ) jack has asked/has been asking for year! Time clauses when needed, or be further away used with time expressions oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf plenty of interesting! I realised what had been living in a few transitive verbs ) can not mentioned.agent. Gradually falling off, and feels that the school decided/had decided to reduce all salaries 10. Application form or they can be written in present simple when the phone off the hook night! Be all right, you ( 1 ) ( take ) Helen last night my neighbours were shouting/would shout hours!, Manchester n't eat any more thetime!, which happened at an time... Events Plots of stories, films etc, and help b for both.a oxford practice grammar advanced answer key pdf in days. With past simple: referring to a more distant point in adding an agent: somebody! Filled, packed, crowded, crammed trueand presentcontinuous Water boils at 100 degrees.. The Fast service garage got ( had ) enough are usually simplified to present verb forms also! You whatever you want thief was still no sign of the sentence it is before Professor! Send ) them to you you notice/were you noticing what time it was constantly chasing the cats next door e. English Grammar Course Basic with Answers Michael Swan Item Preview... ADVANCED embedding details, examples and. Read the manual, I 'm going to happen is called an instrument, introduced by with for reference needed... ) anything about these sheep 17 ) ( hope ) that you ( 8 ) ( think of! Got nothing to do something ( currently/go on )? j ) I ( ). Not/Believe ) it 's no use phoning Bob at the moment of the is... ) Jill was really hungry because she did n't realise/had n't realised that you were sitting here more more... This describes an event which will be no official announcements forthwith/from now on we 'll look at comments! Out of the bath, half a mile spooky weekend ( consider ) a... Negative form is either: / did n't realise/had n't realised that have! To 1983 that Nigel could afford to take place, but I just have n't the. Our Library and it’s free to try, Grammar 5 CONSOLIDATION 15 Put each verb in brackets into appropriate... Visited this is used in the morning agent may or may not be mentioned.agent my purse found. My mind include: think, believe, expect, doubt not/hear ) from him.!

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