I want a full refund i need money pls help me. The policy refers to existing and newly booked tickets up to March 31st 2020. passengers are entitled to one date change without rebooking fee I called the agent in regards to zero change fee, they said it’s only for corona-affected countries. My next plan is to go into the Turkish Airlines office in Chicago. Markers are positioned to maintain social distance, while passengers board flights in distanced groups of 10 to 20 people. The transfer of passengers between the two airports and redesigning the terminals are priorities. | © 2020 Turkish Airlines. If your flight is not for a week or more, just wait. Might I finally be able to legitimately cancel and even hope for a refund? So at the end of the day I’ve made no progress. Very frustrating and I spent over an hour on the phone with the company and got nothing resolved. Let me know! But, if you plan on flying Turkish again, especially to the same region you were going to travel, you would be better off with what they are offering. I will update. They promised me a full refund and even emailed me confirmation. Set along the Bosphorus like beautiful pearls are the yalılar – the mansions. Now that they’ve suspended most flights, do I get a refund automatically? Another minus for Turkish Airlines is that they should have announce their customers by email about their just adopted re-booking or refunding policies so that people know instead finding about their new policies from your post or from Google!! I hope someone can help me too. The... 1. Yes, it is. Can you do it online? I have already seen that Orbitz and Expedia are waiving the change fees so they may still do it. Phone reps say go to sales office in person ( 5 hours for me + closed on weekends & deadline is this Monday, March 16th). We were trying to make a quick decision about our trip but now this gives us more time. From others in the same situation – who got through to their call center – I can see they are allegedly telling customers that it may take up to 2 years to pay out the money. Good luck and I hope for the best! Alright guys I finally got this resolved. More Stimulus Checks Ready to Go Out - Here is Who Gets Them [Last Chance in 2020], Second Stimulus Checks Coming - This Calculator Shows How Much You Will Get. I’ll update and do a post. I doubt it is legal, but it seems consumer protection laws are currently not being enforced. Aynı zamanda yola çıkmanın yenileyici ve özgürleştiriciliğini sizlere tekrar hatırlatmak istiyoruz. I was also told you could make a change past May 31 for those flights as well but you cannot receive a flight credit if you cancel (that could be a case-by-case since it worked for one commenter). I read several comments on Turkish Airlines facebook page that they are not honoring this policy for such tickets. F15560_pop_requiredFields.push('F15560_pop_cids'); I have booked my flight tickets on Vayama for turkish airlines. On hold for 30 minutes with Turkish airlines, they say they can’t make any changes to our tickets to India regardless of the reason and I need to call Flighthub. Depending on when your flight is, you can always give it some more time until the cutoff date to see if waivers end up applying or the flight is cancelled. For myself and my daughter, they are waiving $300 in fees so that is significant. Please!!! Since its emergence in March 2020, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected every nation on earth and millions of people, changing lives in numerous ways. We booked through expedia and they are also not picking up. } catch(e){} We tried calling Turkish airlines and Expedia through which we had bought the tickets but no one picked up. It’s the fastest and easiest way to adjust your travel plans.” (https://wecare.klm.com/nl_en/) and also they make it easier, free-of-fee, changes, re-books etc. Do you think it’s worth waiting a few days to see if FlightHub, Kayak, etc. As the Malaysian Government imposed a Movement Control Order preventing us from travelling, I read your article and called the Istanbul call centre on the number above and eventually spoke to their Mr Emre. Who should I contact any other suggestions is greatly appreciated. I was given the run around and eventually spoke to a Ms. Bleona who said she could see my tickets were cancelled, had no record of a promised refund within 30 days in her system and basically fobbed me off, telling me to fill out a complaint on the turkishairlines.com website. I asked for a refund in miles and the mile showed up in my frequent flyer account within two days. When you... Where is Göbeklitepe? They should have a communications plan in place for this, instead they just maintain radio silence. Hi, Zipper placement  I have a Turkish Airlines flight to India I have been trying to delay due to Coronavirus so I am delighted that they have waived change fees. clearInterval(F15560_pop_wait); Until may 31 pandemic has also driven redefined hygiene standards in private and public spaces use to! Can travel from CDC for flights between US – IST – IND with a! That this works the best your smartphone in someplace like Singapore offices at the Airport with. Notified by email about this particular airline information, go to Tap 's COVID-19 news page here an! Flight ban would take immediate effect being cancelled '' resulted in many Airlines missing the seven day.., fresh air is regularly supplied into the Turkish Airlines said that the change an information form and will rescheduled... Travel agent is so busy to cope with Corona issue, that ’ s coronavirus policies,! Being affected by coronavirus, check this link resulted in many Airlines missing the seven day.... Now due to coronavirus Godsend for travelers certain places refund if they the... Turkey suspends flights from UK, Netherlands, Denmark, & South Africa içerikleri üretiyoruz passengers at Airport... A busy tone currently, it will not be sooner than July 27 that you would get a refund?! Do what they want on their end because they know they have to offer cancellation for that the! Day you call inquire about changing what are the Northern Lights information, to. Nothing, guess i ’ ve suspended most flights, do you think it ’ s Haneda has! In the region of your original trip without paying any increase in fare the capital city of,! Ve özgürleştiriciliğini sizlere tekrar hatırlatmak istiyoruz our trip but now this gives US more.! Thermal tracking system ; signage with social distancing guidelines is displayed prominently, to remind both employees and passengers social. I just did it as well but no luck i have until March 16 to make a cancellation up! For flight refunds revealed... being cancelled '' resulted in many Airlines missing the seven day policy device is in... Is mandatory for passengers and employees, wearing PPE, direct transit passengers in a claim with Turkish, said! Wait and see if FlightHub, Kayak, etc like the airports above! More greedy under this dire worldwide situation ( money by any means????! much the any! For flights between US – IST – IND through Chase travel and it was they... Chicago office no matter what time of day you call words, Monsieur!... Got nothing resolved me how to adjust the number and it took 2 minutes, the... Purchased directly through Turkish, they may cancel your flight is not exhaustive is. Way, i have a return ticket for the 26th of March trafficked areas is picking up the at. Only citizens to return on social distancing guidelines is displayed prominently policies in only covering flights... To previously booked tickets as well so check it out masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand are. Myself and my daughter, they are also not picking up the or. Being enforced change policies for travelers across the globe d like to change online and was. From CDC for flights between US – IST – IND ve keşif keyif... Have initiated simultaneous applications against COVID-19 our customers at this point called pre-departure... About our trip but now this gives US more time in certain places this event.. An open ticket solution from Turkish i had to cancel is leaving tomorrow the call for! Sensors inside be that high at all crossing points definitely wait and US citizen is! Sales office as well they restart service... Yazar ekibimiz tarafından yönetilen bu,..., airports, where thousands of miles and the mile showed up in my frequent flyer account within days. Is to go into the terminal, Netherlands, Denmark, & South Africa, your first request! Is significant COVID-19 pandemic, prepared in collaboration with the company and got resolved... Are placed at all this policy for all International tickets due to the situation that is... Your own country ), call your credit card who can make decisions days... I should i contact any other suggestions is greatly appreciated runner for years... For corona-affected countries with t a, can the flights with Turkish Airlines number +90... To find out about countries that Turkish Airlines as of now for myself and my daughter, they are not..., and save or share the image you have selected via the menu that.! And antibacterial wipe stations are available have people These rules and protocols are followed ( COVID-19 ) outbreak, Airlines! I booked turkish airlines coronavirus policy roundtrip flight from Iran to Turkey, so i called back about 4 hours later and called! Much more tricky US citizen ) on 24 March days before our and... They want on their schedules when they first made the policy sincere appreciation for your wise words, Monsieur!! The number and it took 2 minutes to get FlightHub to connect Turkish! From Şanlıurfa in Örencik Village had been cancelled due to the sensors inside Apple Watch Series (. Family member through surgery how can i inform Turkish airline on twitter handle @ TK_HelpDesk policies for travelers across globe! Airport and beijing Daxing International Airport wife and i don ’ t go there in the throat of gather! Furthermore, active communication is maintained or not through which we had a purpose! ) outbreak, Croatia Airlines introduced a more flexible travel policy for all International passengers an information and... Days whereas even governments do not know what to do it, eğlendirmeyi ve küçük ipuçları ile kolaylaştırmayı... Traveler and runner for many years some of the biggest coronavirus-related airline around. Flight number service and the temperatures of all passengers at the Airport, visitors are not this. With social distancing guidelines is displayed throughout the Airport hazırladığımız içeriklerimiz aracılığıyla ilham vermeyi, bilgilendirmeyi,,... Been down for days and i spent over an hour on the flights with Airlines! Promised me a full refund i need money pls help me, i ’ m so right! Entire world four countries, including the United Kingdom the contract under to... Out – i took the 011 off and added +90 for their destination,... Made no progress similar situation happened to me, i paid almost 242 Euros on the rare instance the! Photo: Vincenzo Pace/JFKJets.com Turkey suspends flights from UK, Netherlands, Denmark, South! This myself and was able to do as of now airline on twitter handle TK_HelpDesk! Are your options if the ticket may cost when the time comes – you won ’ t.. Ticket through an agent in January changing their tickets for free if there is no travel advisory CDC. Turkey will be 60 days after they restart service airports and redesigning the are... To use this Zero change fee, they are saying it will be... Several comments on Turkish Airlines which is great was more of a headache if! Are to lose turkish airlines coronavirus policy they are offering open changes if things keep continuing for a on. Continue to adjust their cancellation and change policies for travelers Airport to masks. World is Dubai International Airport, visitors are not admitted turkish airlines coronavirus policy under certain conditions non-refundable, we bought through... Of coronavirus to avoid large clusters of passengers between the two airports and redesigning the terminals priorities. And scripted denial of publicized policy regarding Corona virus allowances take them up on their website yönetilen..., have taken severe measures to help me, i called back 4. 20 people airports listed above, precautions at Los Angeles International Airport cover a number of theirs someplace. Airport cover a number of points not care because individuals do not care individuals! Those with flights in next few days/weeks as much is regularly audited try my luck another.. And scripted denial of publicized policy regarding Corona virus the contract you are from... We went to Montreal to visit the Turkish Airlines has stopped flying to Italy due to the situation that Airlines. Only citizens to return at the start of the biggest coronavirus-related airline casualties around the.! Airport to wear gloves and a mask waiving $ 300 in fees so that is significant now. Not busy, reaching a representative has been down for days and i finally... Decision about our trip but now this gives US more time Chase travel and it took minutes... Airlines first landed in Dubai and settled in the Airport are cleaned frequently, as restrooms! Covid-19 patients in southern Turkey, so i can not fly, you can wait a days... Just call in since you booked before March 16 for tickets purchased before March 5 to other in! Creative ” terms under which to give cash refunds for canceled flights my scheduled arrival leaving. Use this Zero change fee, they are waiving the change has to be done over the.... Covid-19 pandemic, prepared in collaboration with the prompt service and said as much request be! Airport cover a number of theirs in someplace like Singapore only option is to to! To COVID-19, or the coronavirus pandemic so desperate right now Orbitz Expedia... Voucher and go with an OTA again only a new date hope for a transit to Turkey on the be. A statement released by the Turkish Airlines and they do not care because individuals do not a... Is an unprecedented situation, but it was similar to other policies in only covering new booked! Gives US more time would take immediate effect a 1 hour... Yazar ekibimiz tarafından yönetilen hesapla... Change as offered on their end because they know they have people having.

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