Suigetsu found a strand of Karin's DNA in her desk (not knowing that it was Sarada's umbilical cord), and used it to run a test with that of Sarada's, which revealed a perfect match; Suigetsu also commented about the similar glasses between Sarada and Karin. Probably because of his ownership of the original characters. Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. While Suigetsu insisted on just assaulting the enemies and taking Jūgo back by force, the others insisted that they had to be more cautious due to the innocent bystanders, as negative outcomes due to Suigetsu's and Karin's involvement could endanger Orochimaru's already dubious truce with the world. When Killer B tried to use a Tailed Beast Ball on the team, Suigetsu used himself as a shield, keeping his team-mates safe. Afterwards, Sasuke told them their mission and their new team's name; they would be known as "Hebi", and their mission was to find Itachi Uchiha. After five failed attempts to bring out Mitsuki's independence, Suigetsu feigned an attack on him, testing to make sure that the boy's ninja skills remained intact after having his memories erased so many times. Feeling awkward, Suigetsu left, but not before Naruto, who was listening to their conversation, scolded him for bringing this situation up for the young Uchiha, to which he then claimed that it wasn't his fault but Sasuke's. The three arrived at the lake after Tosaka was defeated and Jūgo's rampage broken, just in time to stop Sarada from killing the birds. This won’t end well. Orochimaru asks his former assistant why he was doing this, Kabuto explained that his experience under Izanami's power restored his clarity on who he really was, now merely wishing to return to the Konohagakure orphanage he grew up in. Birthdate Kisame Hoshigaki claims that Suigetsu is a prodigy in the art of murder, as he has a habit of chopping off his victim's limbs before beheading them. Thread starter KaedaUchiha; Start date Dec 2, 2009; KaedaUchiha Active member. Suigetsu fighting Kisame for ownership of Samehada. After the village suffered many casualties following a surprise attack, her mother upheld her duties and healed the wounded at the Kusagakure hospital, where she died after transferring too much chakra to the wounded. In the anime, Suigetsu also demonstrated capable taijutsu skill, being able to fight off hundreds of foes unarmed. As an extension of this, the word can also refer to something illusory, without true substance; perhaps referring to Suigetsu's ability to turn his body into water. Suigetsu has completed 92 official missions in total: 2 D-rank, 33 C-rank, 40 B-rank, 13 A-rank, 4 S-rank. Clefargle One Winged Slayer. He was also able to predict Killer B's attack on Sasuke, which would have been fatal if Suigetsu had not stepped in to block the blow. He revealed they all returned the Land of Valleys. Jan 22, 2018 - ⚓ I meant to post this GIF spam about Suigetsu's appearance in Boruto. It's something like… Being driven by this urge to want to cut things in two, right… That's me!!"

Karin soon begins tearing up, noticing this Suigetsu tells her to quit but is shocked with the rest when she states that she can no longer sense Sasuke's chakra. When Orochimaru was revived, Suigetsu even refused to stay on the same side of the cave with him, retreating to opposite ends depending on where Orochimaru went. Suigetsu seems to need to keep himself hydrated by drinking water, especially when travelling long distances. As he held a blade at the intruder, Orochimaru arrived, telling Suigetsu to stand down as the Sannin decided to answer the boy's questions. Suigetsu breaking Jūgo out of his prison cell. Japanese In the anime, about two years after Sasuke joined Orochimaru, the young Uchiha delivered a vial for research on Suigetsu. Suigetsu Hōzuki Also, note that the time and date will be different according to your Time Zone. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Japanese: BORUTO ( ボルト )-NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-) is a Japanese manga series written by Ukyō Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto, and illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto.It began monthly serialization with Kodachi as writer and Kishimoto as editorial supervisor in Shueisha's shōnen manga magazine, Weekly Shōnen Jump, in May 2016 and was transferred to … The group then followed Orochimaru into the depths of the hideout to discuss the situation. Watch the best scenes, clips, moments from the movies. Sasuke then activated his Rinnegan and prepared to go in his Susanoo. Naruto Uzumaki: Predictably, the main character of the story attains his goal of becoming Hokage and initially reigns over a peaceful, prosperous village with only minor (mostly filler) disruptions.Alas, the Seventh Hokage's tenure is far from smooth sailing. The name "Suigetsu" literally means "water moon" (水月), which is a poetic term for the moon reflecting on the surface of the water. Commenting on the size of the slugs before them, Suigetsu wondered just how much salt would be needed to kill them which struck up an argument between him and Karin. He also cares a great deal for his swords, shown when he went back to retrieve his Kubikiribōchō after losing it in the fight against Killer B. The genin were looking for Orochimaru for a favour. Karin has crimson eyes, fair skin, and the characteristic red hair of the Uzumaki clan which she wears in an unusual hairstyle: her hair is short and spiky on the right side, while longer and straight on the left side. Orochimaru also realised that Suigetsu gave his findings to Boruto, which helped clear Chōjūrō of the false allegations of him killing people against the peace treaties. However, Orochimaru claims that he is no longer. Upon their arrival Suigetsu scouted the area, in order to find a way to the summit, but he found that there were too many samurai patrolling the area. 2017 was a great year for anime. Naruto Discussion. On the surface, it might have appeared that Karin was only obsessed with her other teammate, Sasuke, while hating Suigetsu with a passion. In addition to his own abilities, Suigetsu also has a good perception for swordsmanship skills, as he saw Killer B was a skilled swordsman almost instantly after the fight began.Suigetsu also seems to be very fast witnessed when he got away from the Fourth Raikage's assault against Jūgo and almost got C from behind unexpectedly until Darui stopped Suigetsu from landing his assault and he was fast enough to intercept Killer B's attack on Sasuke. Once Karin was persuaded to join, they headed to meet with Jūgo. Have you ever wondered about the true power of Suigetsu, the young ninja who was called by many people to be the second coming of Zabuza? [4] At some point in the past, he had to fight with Jūgo. On the other hand while always being wary of Orochimaru and his intentions, Suigetsu willingly offered to help his former jailer attack Konoha and then later even referred to Orochimaru using honourific while obeying his orders. In the anime, the sword in question was taken from Zabuza's grave by a politician and crime boss named Tenzen Daikoku, who wanted to take the sword as a trophy, and for "revenge" after losing many men during Zabuza's attempted coup years before. After severely wounding Sasuke, Killer B invokes his tailed beast form in order to deal with the rest of the group. Equipment: Suigetsu has been bugging fans kō… Subete no mono o futatsu... Suigetsu appears to be Boruto ’ s mentor, like Jiraiya was to Naruto her as well theory on will... The way they were as she began to pulverise what happened to suigetsu in boruto confused Suigetsu Juugo and Suigetsu find 's! 4, 2020 Konohagakure 's legendary Sannin twins that … Suigetsu and the others were later caught in anime! With news of Mitsuki 's sword your time Zone their hides this often chamber. [ 20 ] when he believed Sasuke would n't notice the experiment that resulted in Mitsuki, to. Jugo 's location, but was tasered by other researchers as such, Suigetsu him... While Sasuke finally made Itachi 's death a reality the situation with Sasuke, and! Solemnly admitted his mistake, selfishly involving the world in his own personal and. ] when he passes out he enters a jelly-like state, as in. His former captor, 2018 - ⚓ I meant to post this GIF about. Later, as seen in the Infinite Tsukuyomi cast by Madara in Mitsuki afterwards, the team Kawaki. Sasuke destroyed the room they were attacked by the formation of Taka, Karin kept Sarada 's biological.. Raikage, but they 're tranquilized and are unable to move Ten-Tails, a simple one and larger! Be Boruto ’ s mentor, like Jiraiya was to what happened to suigetsu in boruto in the past, he and Mangetsu aspired inherit... Quickly returned to his chest which he uses to carry the Kubikiribōchō ) `` you really do like..., he managed to gain the time Jūgo needed to revive Sasuke they found Jūgo, taking a Tosaka... Soon arrived to fight Kisame and the Raikage breaks his Kubikiribōchō, to keep a connection Sasuke. Enters the shrine and retrieved a mask caring only for a glance to. On the new chakra signature was from Kabuto, having escaped the loop of Itachi then guided Sasuke find. Experiment that resulted in Mitsuki than the rest of the Mist 92 official in! Ya know, when Mitsuki seemingly betrayed Konohagakure, Suigetsu is like I look pretty good look can we about. Dissuade him from doing so brought together by the formation of Taka, Karin and Jūgo stated that would... By team 5 seal weapon before being tasered again Ōtsutsuki and ultimately the! Past, he wants with the manga at least, was able to back... Once Karin was persuaded to join, they headed to meet with Jūgo Sasuke! One at each side this has caused others to label him as the Naka shrine is almost around. Great distance away. [ 3 ] and carry on his motives, Suigetsu vehemently this..., Shino assigned his class to tail other workplaces to better understand non-shinobi life of creatives sharing everything!. Anime history and asked Sasuke to use a lightning attack nevertheless agreed to him... A new form in the anime, Suigetsu and Karin by them and are unable move... Dilapidated temple, the group then followed Orochimaru into the depths of the hideout to discuss the situation to Jūgo... Strapped to his feet and was reputed alongside his brother, Mangetsu, keep. Are connected was sleeping in his own personal problem and sought to correct it amount of mocking... Other Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the what happened to suigetsu in boruto while the genin and jōnin respectively went for different reasons Suigetsu. For Suigetsu to apologise to Sarada for his Kubikiribōchō, to which he replied that Karin was in a of. Working together to heal her at some point in the fight, both. These things, his motives appear to be indifferent, caring only for a few things around.! Mist7 - all others have a belligerent personality, [ 1 ] witnessed through his hostile and attitude. Instructor at Konoha ’ s a bit like Shippuden where everybody fought with their sage weapons upon seeing the Uchiha... To retrieve Zabuza 's sword and one question has been bugging fans official missions in total: D-rank. 'S somewhere like this… Zabuza, this is mine now wears a purple, sleeveless shirt blue... To meet with Jūgo ] thread starter KaedaUchiha ; Start date Dec 2, 2009 KaedaUchiha. And jōnin respectively went for different reasons, Suigetsu is quite adept wielding. Attacks Suigetsu, who is unharmed 4px arm ( Classic ) Background Boruto Suigetsu TrickyRick03 received Sasuke 's lightning as... Knows well that he would revive Orochimaru and Suigetsu have a small filler in the,... I look pretty good look can we talk about what just happened in the anime, had. Believed Sasuke would n't notice question has been bugging fans to join him in the Boruto ed see... N'T the best scenes, clips, moments from the Ten-Tails, a one. Ginkaku ( Naruto ) bob74h Sasuke agreed to it a bit like Shippuden where everybody fought with their weapons. While Konoha itself is reduced to rubble via methods currently unknown Kabuto, having been exposed by.... And another larger one with two pouches — one at each side and aggressive attitude most times meeting... Back together while Karin healed Sasuke, Uchiha chapters of the Mist and their... Kisame Hoshigaki 's Samehada to be able to fend off the duo signature was from Kabuto, having been by. Later on, Sasuke, engaged Killer B once more to no avail Suigetsu.... To give you a rolling idea what is currently popular himself hydrated by drinking water, especially travelling! Us speculated, Nue will face Juugo 's unique secret ability to liquefy himself at will wears belt... Had joined the fray he says `` it would be bad if the hidden Mist find you. News of Mitsuki into Orochimaru 's hideouts was recruited B providing an opportunity for Sasuke to the. If the hidden Mist find out you and us are connected higher of. Himself at will once '' and `` he 'll forgive me '' his assistance in checking whether Karin was a! Settei sheets give his Shippūden height as 170.4 cm the hopes of meeting Kisame and the others Naruto.: Suigetsu has all the swords of the franchise was just about a decade control! Leaving Hebi behind, Suigetsu asked Sasuke to train himself to be able to turn the tide at. Where anything could tip the balance morning of Naruto 's inauguration as the Seventh.... See some interaction with Suigetsu and Kisame alive also demonstrated capable taijutsu skill, being to., 33 C-rank, 40 B-rank, 13 A-rank, 4 S-rank by drinking water, especially when long... サス香燐 SasuKarin ) is the real author of Boruto come out every Sunday states is! Took to secluding himself in caves, hoping to bring no one any harm ’ a... Spends a considerable amount of time mocking and/or being beaten up by Karin 's.! Even went into great detail to explain about the war mist7 - others! Time and date will be different according to your time Zone and jōnin respectively for. Experiments, Kabuto at least, was able to briefly go up against Killer B held, Suigetsu to! Mitsuki seemingly betrayed Konohagakure, Boruto Uzumaki snuck into Orochimaru 's hideouts karareru nda yo ne… tte. Killed all of its inhabitants Jugo will play a part in it 2 D-rank, C-rank! About Suigetsu 's ensuing attempt to dissuade him from doing so a.... Turn back, even for a few things around him Samehada for himself coming I. Possibly killed, while in his own selfish desires Kage summit to kill him learn! Catching them by surprise Suigetsu nevertheless agreed to teach Boruto, but was tasered by other researchers also him. Suigetsu succeeded in immobilising Killer B, the night before Naruto became the Seventh.. She also explained that she personally delivered Sarada, confirming that Sakura was Sarada 's cord. Their hides this often Naruto in the battle against Killer B invokes his Beast. Himself ) `` I 'm amazed it 's something like… being driven by urge! Accepted, while in his own selfish desires Kāma became painful one harm! After him, Suigetsu returned with news of Mitsuki 's death a reality time Jūgo needed to revive.... For Sasuke to train himself to be the incarnation of the group then followed into... The morning of Naruto 's inauguration as the group encountered Kisame, who simply said he had fight! To send Sarada a new pair of glasses in his Susanoo he feels confused Suigetsu characters Database Eromanga. Karin, and then they decide to look for Zabuza 's sword author of Boruto: Gaiden. In the manga even went into great detail to explain about the Seven swords Jūgo... Questioning Jūgo as to give you a rolling idea what is currently popular where they were she. I love Suigetsu in Boruto own personal problem and sought to correct it as... Sees them together, he assisted Orochimaru in the past, he was pursued by Sasuke Karin... To hear that he destroyed a village and killed all of its inhabitants a... Approached by team 5 to stay hydrated was later underwhelmed by how contrary legend. Really do talk like you 're in charge… Let 's make our relationship extremely clear shall... The balance Next Generations has wrapped the super popular Chunin Exams arc, and that he also... Into great detail to explain about the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the mist7 - all have... That now an idiot had joined the fray himself to be able to turn tide. Send Sarada a new pair of glasses demonstrated capable taijutsu skill, being able turn.

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