Support Plans ________________________________________________________________________

                                                 PARTNER PLAN    $2,500 (20 hours)

                                                                          SHORT TERM PLAN    $1,500 (10 hours)

                                                                          TRIAL PLAN    $875 (5 hours)

                                                                          CONSULTATION    $400 (2 hours)



For any payment problems, call Paypal Customer Support: 888-221-1161

TERMS: Billable time includes non-phone time such as required online research, a marketing plan outline, email correspondence, and, in general, any necessary time
spent on the business. MT fees do not include travel time or out-of-pocket expenses. Travel time is billed at $75 per hour.
If a cancellation or reschedule is necessary, please give minimum 24-hours notice. A second cancellation occurrence made within a 24-hour period will incur a $75 cancellation fee.
If paying by check, payment must be made upfront and payable to: "Follis Advertising, LLC." See "Contact info" below for mailing address.
Partner Plan hours must be used within a 6-month period. Short Term and Trial Plan hours must be used within 3-months. There is no refund for unused hours.
By entering into this agreement you agree to indemnify and hold harmless John Follis / Follis Advertising, LLC from any claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses.

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