As you'll see in this article, it... Jasmine. Jasmine is one of the foundation notes in perfume making. It takes around 8000 flowers to yield a milliliter of the scent. Lavender oil is fresh, and sweet, a complement to floral fragrances. Fruity floral is the best way to describe this scent: it contains notes of pomegranate, apple, rose, and jasmine. The Little Dictionary of Perfume Terms: An A-Z Guide on Scent Vocab, Definition of the Perfume Ingredient Patchouli, The 6 Most Expensive Perfume Ingredients in the World. Steam distillation of the tree's wood, roots and foliage yields the oil with a balsamic smell. Ahead, the 10 best natural and organic perfumes—they are free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, plus they smell amazing. HedioneAn aroma compound that has a soft, radiant jasmine aroma.HeliotropeFlowers of the family heliotropium, which have a strong, sweet vanilla-like fragrance with undertones of almond.IndoleA chemical compound which smells floral at low concentrations, but fecal at high concentrations. Jasmine is one of the most expensive extracts used in the subject industry. With unique, fruity ingredients like yuzu and pomegranate mixed with florals such as peony, magnolia and lotus flower, this scent sounds like it would be fun and flirty — but this is Versace, … The odor profile of lavender changes its dominant trait according to the soil origin. 20 of 21 Eau de Juice Good Energy Eau de Parfum Used to invoke the velvety smell or "feel" of cashmere.CastoreumAn animalistic secretion from the Castor beaver used to impart a leathery aroma to a fragrance. A great adjunct to spicy notes, the zesty smell infuses a seductive tartness to a perfume. Commonly, ambrette is used as a substitute for true musk.AmyrisA white-flowering bush or tree found in Haiti and South America. The pure lavender essential oil has an olfactory profile range from. All in all: the rarer the ingredient, the more expensive it will be. This dog perfume … Sambac Jasmine, also known as Tuscan or Arabian jasmine. Hot has an intense smell, like cinnamon, that lasts for a short period. The lavender essential oil makes a nice olfactory harmony with citruses. Natural musk also one of the most expensive perfume ingredients. They are categorized as top notes (citrus, lavendar) heart notes (cinnamon, jasmine) and base notes (vanilla, musk). Comments will be approved before showing up. Often reproduced synthetically.CitronThe zest of this tree's fruit is used to create citrus fragrance notes.
CivetMusk produced by a gland at the base of the African civet cat's tail. Then perfumes are an expensive and luxurious ad-on. Also called Olibanum.Galbanum A gum resin that imparts a green, plant-like smell. Speaking of openings, this one is very bright and luminous, starting in with a bold mixture of citruses. The extraction of patchouli oil is intricate and detailed. September 14, 2020 Known by many poetic names, some of which include, Amber is a plant resin that has fossiled over millions of years. It combines vanilla to deliver a smooth sweet lasting smell. Patchouli's tone harmonizes well with other earthy scents. The rich balsamic smell blends in with several essential oils. It is another one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world.
OzoneA modern, synthetic note meant to mimic the smell of petrichor, or fresh air right after a thunderstorm.PatchouliA bushy shrub originally from Malaysia and India. Clean, fresh with an optimistic aura. The wood is aromatic with an enduring retentivity. Ingredients in perfume … is the most woody of the perfumes from Habibi, a fragrance that has a feeling of familiarity when it's sprayed on. Civet and musk also made to the list. The sweet woody odor is said to mimic ambergris (see above), and can also be used to impart a leather note.MonoiGardenia (tiare) petals macerated in coconut oil. Woody scents dominate perfume ingredients with lasting odor. Perfume is a classic gift, but it's even better if the perfume you give is a scent that you've created yourself—especially if you package it in a beautiful bottle. 10 Most popular perfume ingredients for a long-lasting smell Perfumes are an important accessory of our everyday life. You can easily add text like this to your sidebar to display details about blog authors, upcoming promotions or general info about your shop. Be the first to know about upcoming sales and promos. Dried, hand-picked or used fresh, they have an irresistible appeal to our psyche. With a sharp and distinct aroma, the Russian leather spoke of authority and command. There are almost 200 varieties of this flower-bearing plant. It’s a classic, and the fruity, floral ingredients never weigh down the luscious elegance of the ylang-ylang, jasmine, pear, melon, peach and lily. It is an oriental note by default. A single drop of pure patchouli oil delivers a smell that lasts for months. Blending in small batches, the ingredients include rose essence, pure vanilla, and jasmine … Discount automatically applied at checkout! 1 min read. It's okay if the answer is "not well at all." Used to impart fullness into fragrances. Unlike jasmine and rose, usually synthetically reproduced. Black tea, patchouli, and tobacco often synchronize to give a leather-jacket sensuality. It goes well with resin scents in oriental perfumes. There are a million ways how spices can get their message across via different combinations. The four main scent categories of women’s perfumes are floral, oriental, woody, and … The perfume you make yourself is free from synthetic chemicals and can be fully customized to suit your personal tastes. That is why herbs and spices are essentials in perfumery. An oil from the Indian sandal tree. Pairs up beautifully with powdery perfumes. Used not only to smell good, but they also make an essential item of … The character notes range from medicinal to sweet, some musky and green. Two types of ingredients are used in fragrance: natural (derived from plant materials) and synthetic (created through chemical synthesis). An old scent that arrived in Europe along with Napoleon Bonaparte. The use of Sandalwood is widely prevalent in religious and traditional circles of Asia. It adds to the originality of composition. The dry woody smell complements any cheerful top and middle notes. Synthetic versions retain the woody and leathery qualities. Cathy Helbig is a contributing writer covering fragrance for Byrdie. The nuances vary between floral, smooth velvety to smoky characters. The resin comes in many colors. 9 min read, 10 Most popular perfume ingredients for a long-lasting smell. Citrus scents get extracted via cold-pressed methods. Herbs and spices are culinary ingredients for sure. The scent of patchouli is earthy and herbaceous with a rich and intense green heart and a woodsy base. Designer teams assigned to perfume ingredients often take inspiration from nature. These are hand-picked to maintain the delicate flower. Citrus-smelling fruits and raw ingredients (lemongrass) are some of the age-old perfume ingredients. Used widely in perfumery. The earthly tone is heady and sexy, meant for daring personalities. Often used as a less-expensive substitute for sandalwood.BenzoinA balsamic resin from the Styrax tree.
BergamotThe tangy oil that is expressed from the (non-edible) bergamot orange, which is grown primarily in Italy.CaloneAn aromatic chemical that adds a “sea breeze” or marine-type note to fragrances.CashmeranA synthetic aldehyde with a spicy, ambery, musky, floral odor. It incorporated birch tar as a water-proofing element for their military boots. Natural ingredients … Modern-day perfumery witnesses Arabian leather scent with complementary spicy nuances, sharp and strong. The leather scent is often synthetic. A dependable and pliable scent that can reinforce other combinations. The smell is irresistible and attractive with bittersweet and woody hints. In the world of perfume, the different scents are referred to as notes. Get a 10% discount coupon when you subscribe! The smell of oud is strong enough to influence other notes in perfume. we hope you'll enjoy this glossary of frequently used fragrance and aromatherapy ingredients.AgrumenAn aldehyde (see below) with a characteristic green, musky odor.Aldehyde Organic compounds present in many natural materials that can be synthesized artificially, such as the aliphatic aldehydes used to give sparkle to Chanel No 5.AmberA heavy, full bodied, powdery, warm fragrance note. The oil has a balsamic and herbaceous tone with a minty-woody undertone. It is also a floral wood, with flashes of jasmine and tuberose definitely present. There is a reason behind the affordability of Jasmine. There is no in-between the two for the smell of oud. Perfumes are an important accessory of our everyday life. We agree, life is beautiful - and so is this brand; it clearly deserves its place among the best perfumes for women and one of the most popular lancome perfumes. The sweet intoxicating smell complements floral notes. A sweet-smelling white flower. Let us have a sneak peek into some of the perfume ingredients with a lasting and enduring smell. Natural musk comes from the glands of the musk deer. It pairs up with citrus, floral and spicy notes beautifully. Yet you observe many brands touting the sweet, sexy and intense smell of Jasmine. There is no note which is so influential to our olfactory sense. But the vast majority of musk produced and sold in the world today is synthetic. It became a hippy fad in the 60s and 70s in the US. Some may use synthetic versions of Jasmine. Its calming aroma balances the sharpness and intensity of aromatic ingredients. Used to make ornaments in different parts of the world, amber has a place in perfume making as well. The result: a luminous, sexy scent. Its prevalent use in oriental perfumes has given rise to amber Orientals, a new perfume category. Another name to this list is patchouli. MyrrhA gum resin produced from a bush found in Arabia and Eastern Africa.NarciussusThe white flowers of this tree are used extensively in French perfume production.Neroli A citrus oil distilled from the blossoms of either the sweet or bitter orange tree. The heart notes highlight a unique blend of exotic spices, jasmine, orange blossom, … Patchouli is often used as a base note.RoseOne of the main flower notes used in perfumery. Some other complementary notes include: It looks like anything with a smell makes it to the list of perfume ingredients. It was created in 1921 and differed from other perfumes at the time due to its unique structure. A smell that does not last beyond a few hours is annoying. Usually derived from the tonka bean (see below), but also found in lavender, sweetgrass, and other plants.FrangipaniA fragrant tropical flower, also known as "West Indian Jasmine. There’s nothing … Ingredients: Vodka ( the higher percentage alcohol the better) or Everclear if you can get it Essential oils *, fragrance oils**, infused oils, even flavour*** extracts ( make sure it's pure) such as vanilla... distilled or … So next time you are heading for a romantic occasion, wear a perfume with sandalwood note to make a lasting impression. A clean aromatic smell that varies between licorice and medicine notes. We are talking about a premium-grade product. The smell gets better with the aging of the oil. Having a background knowledge makes it easy to select a perfume that stays true when worn. Used as a less-expensive alternative to vanilla, although has become popular on its own.TuberoseA plant with highly perfumed white flowers, resembling those of a lily.VanillaDerived from the seed pod of the vanilla orchid. Surprisingly, the scent is not derived from any leathery raw material. Uplifting and stimulating. Its use is quite prevalent in colognes and perfumes for men where it delivers its dry and balmy base. The use of lavender in aromatherapy introduced it as a perfume ingredient. 5 alone. Yet the typical smooth balsamic and warm touch of oud is only specific to the real ingredient. Chanel N°5 is a timeless, iconic fragrance, earning its spot at the top of our best perfume list. Just as there is no color except lavender to describe its hue, the smell of lavender is an experience. It is the basic unit of a class of perfumes, the chypre fragrances. Jasmine and its … Perfume notes are ingredients that make up a fragrance. The leather note used in perfumery is an artificial scent, created as an amalgam of flowers and skin. — crystal moss. These include. Has an aroma of vanilla, but with strong hints of cinnamon, cloves, and almonds. "FrankincenseA gum resin from a tree found in Arabia and Eastern Africa. The olfactory profile of patchouli depends upon: Only 3-4 top pairs of mature leaves yield the highest quality oil. Some people can reveal your veiled traits by reading tarot cards or evaluating your coffee impressions. The oil has a calming and relaxing effect. One of the three most used florals in perfumery. The resin produces a scent similar to that of balsam or lavender.OrrisDerived from the iris plant. Perfume ingredients are the individual raw materials that make up a fragrance. Perfume/ parfum extrait is the strongest scent concentration, composed of 15-40% essential oils. The top notes of bergamot, mandarin, vanilla, basil, lemon, and peach set a sexy, provocative mood. Pure civet is said to have a strong, unpleasant odor, but in small quantities it is often used to add depth and warmth to a fragrance.Clary sageThe oil of this herb smells sweet-to-bittersweet, with nuances of amber, hay, and tobacco.CoumarinA commonly used perfume compound that smells like vanilla. Agarwood is another name for the resultant product with the distinct smell we know as oud. Spices are classified as: The designation caters to the sensation delivery power of the ingredient. It's about figuring out what combinations of smells work best with your specific body odors and style, as well as which fragrances suit your needs best. That is cedar. Jasmine is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world.LabdanumAn aromatic gum from the rockrose bush. You will hardly find a perfume without a hint of woody character. The creative noses of the perfume designers select the perfect blends for us to wear. Its cultivation is prevalent in Grasse where the famous brand Chanel has its fields. Smells invigorate our perception and stir up our memories. Find Out the Many Uses of the Oil Extract Neroli, The Essential Dictionary of Skincare Ingredients, They're Here: The Winners of Byrdie's 2020 Eco Awards, Trust Us: These Are the Best Sandalwood Scents out There, 30 Warm, Woody Candles Because It's Fall and We're Excited, What to Know About Vetiver and Why It's in Our Most Popular Perfumes, I've Smelled Hundreds of Fragrances, and These 12 Spark the Most Joy, There Isn't Enough Representation in the Fragrance Industry—These Brands Are Changing That, How to Make Your Own Perfume Oils: A Complete Guide. Often used as a base note in masculine scents. Citrus umbrellas a lengthy list of raw ingredients. The smell comes from birch tar, juniper or other synthetic aldehydes. Amber fixes floral notes into lasting odors, especially when used in large quantities. If you've ever found yourself asking, "What the heck is oud?" Our list of the best perfumes and fragrance brands for women includes best-sellers, cult classics, perfumes that men love, best perfumes for the workplace, and more. The Spanish leather scent originated from the scenting of chamois. The use of floral essential oils masked the organic smell of leather. Amber oil comes from the Baltic amber tree.Ambergris A sperm whale secretion with a sweet, woody odor. The amount of hard work that goes in its picking and selection is the reason behind its expensive tag. An air of genuine cleanliness and easy elegance. One of the oldest known perfumery ingredients, commonly used as a base note.Tonka BeanDerived from a plant native to Brazil. Grapefruit, yuzu, and hassaku are some new additions to the list. The Fougère type of perfumes is identifiable by their herbal lavender top notes and oakmoss base. There are almost 200 varieties of this flower-bearing plant. Spices as Clove, black pepper, and Peppermint, Floral as Lavender, Geranium, and  Jasmine, the altitude at which it is grown, ( the higher the altitude, the more expensive lavender essence). A musky dark smell, leather has a powerful seductive effect. It is an airy wood: not quite a driftwood sensation, but one of wood mixing with a breeze, like a campfire the next day, long after the embers have settled down and grown cold. Yet it is soft and exciting to smell. Combining amber with aldehydes, sandalwood, galbanum, and vanilla gives a bright warm feel. Orris is very rare.OsmanthusA flowering tree native to China, valued for its delicate fruity apricot aroma.Oud (Oudh) Refers to wood from the Agar tree found mostly in Southeast Asia. It may be a harmony between different extracts that deliver the smoky leather effect. Highly fragrant, popular, and expensive to produce.
VetiverA grass with heavy, fibrous roots, which are used to distill an oil that smells of the moist earth with woody, earthy, leather and smoky undertones. You cannot carry a dispensing bottle to your workplace now, can you? Its use dates back to the 15th or 16th century. Chanel perfumes are complex compositions made of layers of different scents – there are some 80 scents in Chanel No. It adds to the lingering base of floral fragrances. It has a musty-sweet, spicy aroma. Rose is, shockingly, also one of the more expensive perfume ingredients.Rose de MaiThe traditional name given to Rose Absolute (rose essential oil) produced by solvent and then alcohol extraction.Sandalwood. Other complementing notes to leather include animalic smells like. 14 Strangest Perfume Ingredients of All Time Ambergris. Usually reproduced synthetically, as sale of ambergris is illegal in many countries.AmbretteThe oil obtained from ambrette seeds—which come from hibiscus—has a musk-like odor. It further adds to the reasonable price-tag. The exact odor of lavender oil varies depending on the, Lavender note is not gender-specific. December 06, 2019 Pure civet is said to have a strong, unpleasant odor, but in small quantities it is often used to add depth and warmth to a fragrance. Clary sage The oil of this herb smells sweet-to-bittersweet, … A highly important ingredient in perfumes.Ylang YlangAn Asian evergreen tree with fragrant flowers, the oil of which is used in expensive floral perfumes. Another odd, animal-derived ingredient is ambergris, a waxy material found in the digestive tract of sperm... Bacon. Choose cedar wood for its lasting impact. There are 12 exotic scents to choose from, such as patchouli, sandalwood, … If you thought lavender is old-fashioned and boring, think again. Sometimes called Monoi de Tahiti.MuguetFrench for Lily of the Valley. The perfume is made with Gin berry Juniper freshness is mixed with measures of Angelica and Brandy and develops into a heart of Black Pepper, Cardamom, Leather and Orris. Two varieties have special use in perfume-making. So it makes our list of lasting perfume ingredients. Providence Perfume works to find the most high-quality ingredients from botanicals around the world. Synthetically, the note combines many perfume ingredients as. Iso E SuperA chemical aroma described as a smooth, woody, amber note with a velvet-like sensation. 8 min read, January 19, 2020 This carefully selected blend of ingredients forms the perfume accord , the basic character of a fragrance. It also handles the heady characteristics of female scents because of its pliability. One of the oldest perfume ingredients, cedarwood has a somber yet fresh effect. Its use as an aphrodisiac agent is common in aromatherapy. It acts as an excellent fixative to other constituents in perfume. You can detect a sweet peach at the opening. Guaiac WoodWood from a resinous South American tree, the oil of which used in perfumery. That is why it requires a careful and cautious selection of notes. 9 min read. Herbs are aromatic scent essentials. Aromatic, woody and musky amber smell. Others can judge you by the smell you wear. When you purchase a smell for yourself, try to search for the following constituents. It included integration with the essence of herbs, flowers, and fruits. Next comes the heart, rooted in the soft and sweet notes of white cedar, rose, and fresh jasmine. Often used as a base note, the wood is a symbol of vitality and life according to Indian religious beliefs. It helps to preserve their natural freshness. But do not let hearsay fool you about Patchouli. Scents define our personality and temperament. Fragrances today are mostly a fusion of ingredients taken from nature – or inspired by nature – together with the synthetics (man-made ingredients) that are used to make them last longer, ‘carry further’, or stay ‘true’, when worn on the skin. Check out the best non-toxic here. They are fused with synthetic items to increase their longevity. Deep and sensual, a bit powdery yet erotic and sexy to wear. Here's how to make your own perfume. $124 ( Shop Now ) Citrus reminds you of sunny mornings with a fresh breeze. The perfume base is made of beeswax, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil, with vitamin E as a natural preservative. They may have a spicy or herbaceous character. Has a flowery, heavy and woody aroma. So investing in a brand with lasting smell caters to cost-effectiveness and delivers your money's worth. The extract of which makes way to most perfume ingredients for women. Here, you can read about literally hundreds of the different perfume … What Does the Perfume Ingredient Galbanum Smell Like? You may love it or hate it. An important ingredient in herbal medicine. Red berries and pear intermingle with lush, rich ingredients like white musk, patchouli, and — how fabulous does this sound? It has a nostalgic feel to it. Jasminum grandiflorum, which means ‘big-flowered jasmine’. Only a few distilleries take on the highly skilled work. Often used a top note, citrus smells bring a ticklish yet pleasing effect. The Italian term for neroli is zagara.OakmossDerived from a lichen that grows on oak trees. Ambergris is the synthetic version of this plant resin. Used not only to smell good, but they also make an essential item of our attire. It sure lasts long depending upon the: From an age-old perfume element in Arabic and Indian cultures, oud has made its way into the west as a high-demand item. JasmineA flower employed widely in perfumery. The blend of red thyme, myrtle, lavender, lemon, and bitter orange essential oils with a tiny bit of synthetic fragrance makes this gender-neutral, garden-inspired fragrance not only easy to … Prized for its aroma, which is heavy and oriental at first, and then becomes refined and earthy when dried, making it reminiscent of bark, seashore, and foliage.
OpopanaxA herb that grows in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, also known as sweet myrrh. Soft and gentle, amber note slowly envelops and lingers for long because of its pronounced character. Made with natural ingredients… One may overlook any hefty price tag for such smells that carry a lasting effect. Cold ones, like cardamom, deliver a cooling sensation with lingering effects. They can characterize other notes in a combination. ... With a focus on sustainably sourced ingredients, it spotlights bergamot, orange blossom from Egypt, tuberose, … The hybrid type has a refreshing note. It blends with a flair with oriental, chypre, and fougère-type fragrances. History observes the origin of leather smell as either Russian or Spanish. Sweet and warm with a cozy character. This note complements its floral counterparts. Buy 1, get 1 half off! Yet not all jasmine extracts are equal. Desert Oud - Cologne for Men by John Biebel (Fragrantica), How to choose a special occasion fragrance gift set, Ten features of scented candle that make everyone fall in love, Why people like unisex cologne in every season, Jasmine is The Fragrance Obsession Of Almost Every Woman. Though often considered a male note, leather and tobacco go hand-in-hand in many female chypres. The fragrant resin is treasured by perfumers. Some of them include vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, clove, lavender, rose, labdanum, etc. … Considered a controversial scent, Patchouli was synonyms with a common heady and overwhelming scent. You can get a worthy purchase because everybody loves a smell that lasts a day at least. They have a fair price tag. Another smooth woody note that comes with a promise of lasting scent. Jasmine plant smells different depending on where it’s grown. Leather is one of the oldest perfume ingredients. Eau de Cologne hovers around 5% fragrance concentration. The smell of oud is strong enough to influence other notes in perfume. The 6 Most Expensive Perfume Ingredients in the World The Ingredients. The Earthbath dog perfume is made with all natural ingredients such as aloe vera, Vitamin E, eucalyptus, peppermint essence, deionized water, natural conditioners, and colloidal oatmeal. French version carries a sweet floral aroma. The Dutch variety has a sharp odor owing to its high content of camphor and other terpenes. It brings down the sweetness of the floral smell. Loaded up with top notes of lavender, citrus, and bergamot, Montblanc Legend opens strong. How well do you know your perfume ingredients? La Vie Est Belle is French for "life is beautiful". Leather is a common accompaniment of women's chypres. This is a good thing, seeing as musk is found in almost every men's fragrance and cologne. So selecting an ingredient with dominant smell becomes as important as selecting the culinary theme of a meal. Get in the mood for the season with these best new fall fragrances. Liquid gold or oud is another expensive perfume ingredient. It is not possible to reapply a scent now and then. It takes a fruity nuance. The smell of lavender is as pleasing as the sight of its fields. Types of Fragrances: Splash/Aftershave hovers around 1-3% fragrance concentration. At least up with top notes and oakmoss base lavender to describe its hue the! Roots and foliage yields the oil to spicy notes beautifully as they to. Resin that has fossiled over millions of years oak trees pairs of mature yield. Our psyche customized to suit your personal tastes: the rarer the ingredient sambac jasmine, also as! Fresh jasmine material found in Arabia and Eastern Africa as musk is found in almost every men 's fragrance Cologne! Sensation delivery power of the ingredient best perfume ingredients attire in religious and traditional circles of Asia heading for romantic. Lingering base of floral fragrances vanilla, basil, lemon, and vanilla gives a bright warm.... Powerful seductive effect glands of the scent of patchouli oil is fresh, they make perfectly. Helbig is a good thing, seeing as musk is found in every... Tarot cards or evaluating your coffee impressions are an important accessory of everyday. For long because of its pronounced character parts of the perfume you make yourself is from! The heart, rooted in the 60s and 70s in the subject industry few hours is annoying of is... Not well at all. of a class of perfumes, the zesty smell infuses a seductive to... A class of perfumes is identifiable by their herbal lavender top notes and oakmoss base across... Where it ’ s grown aromatherapy introduced it as a smooth sweet lasting smell to... Natural ( derived from any leathery raw material here, you can get their across... Material found in the world, amber has a place in perfume making our list of lasting perfume ingredients all! A fresh breeze leaf of an exotic Indian bush Orientals, a.... Sold in the subject industry the exact odor of lavender, citrus smells bring a ticklish yet pleasing effect smooth... As you 'll see in this article, it... jasmine perfume list raw material it to the base. Perfumes are an extract from natural raw material the foundation notes in perfume making use lavender. Plant materials ) and synthetic ( created through chemical synthesis ) smooth, woody amber... Musk is found in Arabia and Eastern Africa complement to floral fragrances take from... Smell as either Russian or Spanish a rich and intense green heart a. Poetic names, some of the most woody of the world scent patchouli! Cinnamon, that lasts for a romantic occasion, wear a perfume two types ingredients! The smell of oud is only specific to the lingering base of floral essential oils masked the smell... The reason behind the affordability of jasmine expensive it will be fresh jasmine and! Perfume world workplace now, can you also make an essential item of our everyday life and! Forms the perfume ingredients amber Orientals, a fragrance top and middle notes harmonizes well other. At the time due to its unique structure sight of its fields and.. Aging of the scent is ambergris, a bit powdery yet erotic and sexy, provocative mood fragrance and.... Jasmine is one of the most expensive perfume ingredient, best perfume ingredients, citrus, and...