Should this guide prove useful to anyone, a revised version might be posted in a more permanent location some day. 2. I respectfully ask that you read it again. Greater restoration also dispels all magical … And there's still 3+ more fights to go before the end of the day. Melvin has confirmed the critical hit! I'm suggesting that, at lower levels especially, the Magus class is imbalanced with the Spellstrike/Spell Combat that are granted powers, not Feats that need to be taken. 0.4a changed clunky to bumpy in Simple Example Time]. The foundation of this guide is Touch spells. You can use Spellstrike to deliver that spell with your weapon instead of a touch. Ranged touch is present in D&D 3.5E and Pathfinder - i.e. His result is 16, not bad! He rolls his attack: a d20, and adds 1 because Sparky has 12 Strength. You touch the target to afflict it with ghoul fever, infesting it with hunger and a steadily decreasing connection to positive energy; the target must attempt a Fortitude save. Melvin deals 1d8+1 damage. It is the, in my opinion, assumption that the Magus gets ANOTHER melee attack after using these two abilities in conjunction. This point is important, and it's thrown a lot of people off-track. 3a. Sorcerer Weaknesses: Gain spell slots one level later than Wizards. using spell-combat, and deliver the attack with her weapon, and then take her attacks with spell-combat and deliver another charge of frostbite! But overall, it is not a question of favoring one class over another, it is just one of those rules that seem to deviate from EVERY other example of the ruleset to give the player an advantage (perhaps for purchasing the new book?). Any time you could deliver a touch spell, you can deliver a touch spell with Spellstrike. 1. Melvin the Magus has arrived to show Sparky how it's done. This is a question specific to Chill Touch, independent of Spellstrike. Fighter standard action: 1 attack Cleric. With your rule, there's no downside to always using your sword, or claw, or whatever. Ha HA! Then makes 1 or 2 attacks at -2 to hit against this BBEG. Everything looks correct to me so far. You can touch one friend as a standard action or up to six friends as a full-round action. When you cast the spell, you get a free touch attack. So let's do expected damage. Here's my choice for a Chill Touch FAQ thread. (Thanks Sean! Sparky the Sorcerer spies Clunky the Orc standing sixty feet away. If he does, will he lose the remaining charge he is holding on the previous spell? R Spell requires a requisite religion or race. His result is 11, that is... acceptable. If you mean it's like any other touch spell, but misses count towards discharging the spell, that makes the spell pretty bad, honestly. Sparky casts Shocking Grasp, a spell with a range of Touch. Bort have nothing special to do on full attack... unless Bort half orc with toothy trait, but Bort not, because Bort want Beast totem! If the rules did not spell this out, it would not be clear that Melvin is able to swing his sword more than once per round. If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the spell. And very entertaining! Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber, A Guide to Touch Spells, Spellstrike, and Spell Combat [Ver 0.4 Alpha], 1 Hmm, explain to me how a 2nd level fighter or barbarian can get 3 attacks and do 6-24 points of damage in one round? He rolls his attack: a d20, and adds 1 because Sparky has 12 Strength. Failure The target is afflicted with ghoul fever at stage 2. Fighter - 38 Oops, Bort forget to level up! This is not out of bounds as much as you think. A touch from your hand, which glows with blue energy, disrupts the life force of living creatures. And, as Zacchaeus mentions, a purely "touch" attack is … He takes a full-round action to use Spell Combat. Because crits need to be confirmed, figuring in criticals here favors the fighter. They are just using the FIGHTER bonus feats... AS I SAID. "That's too easy. 384 people marked this as a favorite. share. However if you cast Shocking Grasp, SpellStrike kicks in. Arcane touch spells are more often ranged, anyways. "Ranged touch attack" spells are ray spells. If the spell allows you to touch targets over multiple rounds, touching 6 … Does that seem like a reasonable interpretation? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, I would appreciate any corrections or suggestions, both in spelling/grammar/style as well as content. He "can" deliver it, meaning it's his choice. He rolls again, with the same bonuses and penalties. Haha, actually, when I first read it that was my first thought. If you are a 2nd-level Magus, you can make a weapon attack with Spellstrike and discharge a spell while getting full weapon damage, then make ANOTHER weapon attack using Spell Combat? If this fight goes more than 2 rounds, they outdamage the magus. Melvin rolls his weapon damage twice (1d8+1, and 1d8+1) then rolls his Shocking Grasp damage twice, Zap! So, what does Spellstrike actually do? In essence you would declare which attack is the free attack to deliver spell, and which attack is the normal one. Cast, hit discharge. Zap! Unfortunately, I don't think he can drop Frostbite on every arrow in a round. Saddle Surge: transmutation: Bonus damage for moving on mount. The hand covered in glowy octarine flames is 'armed'. You have the benefit of a full understanding of Touch Spells. As the spell description states, "You can use this melee touch attack up to one time per level." ... Same hand both times. Excellent post and responses, thank you Grick. Damage roll- 2d6+11 for 18average (another 1d6+1 if given a round to prep). If the magus makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. With his stat placement and feat choices he has managed to create a Magus that will unleash much higher numbers than those above. Spoilers. Let's ignore crits for now. (+6/+1) This means that if he uses Spell Combat, he still gets to make his full-attack in addition to casting a spell. Cast touch healing spells from a distance. It even mentions being able to use them together right in the text. Spellstrike is not an action. I fully understand how touch spells work, and those magus abilities make sense! When using Spellcombat and Spellstrike together, I always thought that you had to designated which attack was normal weapon and which attack was weapon+spell. If he hits, he'll do both normal weapon damage(1d8+1) as well as expend the charge on his held spell(Damage, effects, etc). The PC magus can't do that, if he uses both of his spells in one encounter, he's pretty much gimped for the day. This type of meta-analysis is a great service to the community. Question unclear. 17! These damage assumptions all account for Feat expenditures for the Fighter, which are not taken into account for the Magus (including NOT having to have TWF for better bonus; -2). I really wouldn't have the patience to write something like this out. Each touch channels negative energy that deals 1d6 points of damage. The magus has the following optimal damage 20, but this requires a concentration check and 2 hits.. the odds of this are around 10%.. we might as well say that the fighter criticals if we assume this. But Melvin isn't done yet, this is Spell Combat, so he still gets to make a full-attack with his weapon. When using Spell Combat, Melvin can make his normal full-attack with his weapon, and he can also cast a Magus spell with a casting time of 1 standard action. Range touch Targets object touched Duration 1 day/level (D) Saving Throw Fortitude negates (object); Spell Resistance no. Bort Barbarian see casty maggy use limited resources so Bort do too. Round one he gets to full attack, uses spell combat, and hits, discharges, then casts again, makes his concentration check, hits and discharges. If any of those three conditions are not met (such as casting a Cleric spell, or using a wand to cast a Magus spell) then Spellstrike will not work. Snowball, Scorching Ray, and Gloombind spam it is! This spell functions like lesser restoration, except that it dispels all permanent and temporary negative levels afflicting the healed creature. My noodle is not yet baked!". You'll note that Shocking Grasp says you get a +3 bonus on attack rolls if the opponent is wearing metal armor or carrying a metal weapon. Zap! Take and follow this best Indian astrologer astrology advice to remove Black magic, Kala jadu, Love Spells, Reuniting Loved Ones, Evil Spirits Removal, Family Problem, Business Problems. While the case was made for multiple goblins, one of my issues is the "boss" killing potential this power has at low level OR the player killing power it has at low level (if used against the party). The intent was Sparky can full attack with his claws, not provoke, and discharge the spell on a hit, and Melvin can full attack with his fists, not provoke, and discharge a spell on a hit. Melvin then moves 30 feet to get adjacent to Bumpy. Increases to Spell Save DCs or caster level should never, ever be passed over lightly. You even know what Spellstrike does, and that's a heck of an accomplishment. It's too bad Melvin beat him on initiative. Your touch can heal wounds, and your presence instills unity and strengthens emotional bonds. Dotting this for later, and to send to a Magus-player. With the death of Clunky, Melvin goes up a level! A monk, a character with the Improved Unarmed Strike feat, a spellcaster delivering a touch attack spell, and a creature with natural physical weapons all count as being armed (see natural attacks). Disguise and face skills. This gets a little off-topic, but how I think it works: It's a touch spell like any other touch spell. Monk full round action: 2 attacks (Flurry of blows). If the check fails, the spell is wasted, but the attacks still take the penalty. [2c] In this case, you aren't considered armed and you provoke attacks of opportunity as normal for the attack. You hold the charge forever, until it's discharged or you cast another spell. I'll try to go through the order of events, assuming a Magus starts beside his target. That's what he's going to do! This guide was made for you. There's no touch AC in D&D 5E, so a ranged touch attack from previous D&D versions is just a ranged attack in D&D 5E. Vampiric touch is taken to be used with reach metamagic rod to give you something with damage at lvl3. Seems like too much is never enough for a player, but try it from a DMs perspective. You even have enough charges to do it for 2 full-attack per cast! I'll either strike that part, or change Sparky to use fists instead of claws. In the olde days of D&D one had to multi-class to get this kind of power, so the balance was built into the experience system. Sparky the Sorcerer spies Clunky the Orc standing ten feet away. All of which are at -2 penalty from Spell Combat. Familiars in Pathfinder aren't the combat pets that they could be in 3.5, but they are certainly no less useful. First off, the Magus is MAD as Hell. Note that, with the exception of the antipaladin's full spell list, the lists here summarize only new spells from this book. What now? Now let's assume that Melvin's second attack missed, so he is still holding the charge. Clunky still stands! He wants to zap him! Instead of the free melee touch attack normally allowed to deliver the spell, a magus can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. One final note about my attack roll numbers, and Shocking Grasp. I guess I feel that probably not many people are playing a straight fighter class due to these stronger skill-sets of other classes, kind of like in an MMORPG where there are a few of the "regular" classes and a MANY of the types that receive better (especially in PvP) skills. Bonus points for pointing out ray spells that can fire > 3 rays if there are any. If you cast another spell, the touch spell dissipates. My goal is one (lengthy) item that someone can read and fully understand how these things work, by bringing together plain text explanations and the various rules that are scattered about various parts of the books. Rank. Clunky's AC is 14 so Sparky has hit. Your DM may of course rule otherwise.). If the spell is not discharged, either because you missed, or it allows multiple touches, then you hold the charge. Now, I know what you're thinking. Assuming the Magus chooses to Spellstrike, he then makes a melee attack using his weapon at a -2(due to spell combat). M This spell has a material component not normally included in a spell component pouch. That should read Melvin, not Sparky. [B94] REAR BUMPER PROTECTOR, SANDSTONE, [Z66] ACTIVATION DISCLAIMER, [P01] SL PREMIUM PACKAGE -inc: NissanConnect w/Navigation & Services SiriusXM Traffic (subscription required) NissanConnect Services Powered By SiriusXM Compass (Mirror-Navi) Radio: Bose Audio w/AM/FM/RDS/MP3/CD & 13 … He still has all of the options listed above to deal with delivering his spell just like Sparky. lol. Shop 2016 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles for sale in Newark, NJ at I have a question concerning spells that allow multiple touch attacks. Yes, the magus can hit twice and shocking grasp. After all, you have, by definition, struck the opponent on target, but merely failed to find the chink in his armor, or failed to power the blade through thick hide. Seems powerful enough to use Spellstrike as a standard action and still be able to move. Excrutiating deformation is solid, bestow curse is always fantastic, frigid touch is great. 2) Holding the Charge: If you don't discharge the spell in the round when you cast the spell, you can hold the charge indefinitely. The fighter's +8 to hit for 2d6 +10 averages 17, but his much higher hit roll and the fact that he doesn't have a concentration check to make for half of his attacks gives him an expected: Now the magus has spent 1 arcane pool and 1/3 of his spells to do this... the fighter has spent nothing. Should they keep some spells in reserve, in case another tougher party of PCs stops by? I see what you are saying James, the Fighter class gets bonus feats, but the Spell Combat and SpellStrike skills are more akin to the Bravery and Armor Training class skills the Fighter gets. As part of casting this spell, Sparky gets to touch as a free action [1a] and can move before doing so [1b]. As I said, I will just create an NPC Magus and unleash her on the party. If you compare Chill Touch to it's brother Shocking Grasp, they both do 1d6 per level, but if Chill Touch gets denied the burst damage of SG, and can be whittled away to nothing, it starts to really be a bad choice. Not to mention if the enemy is wearing metal armor, the Magus using Shocking Grasp will be +3 to hit (which gives him a +1 after the -2 for Spell Combat). Disguise and face skills. Is this actually a complicated concept? So, Melvin decides to cast Shocking Grasp, which is a Touch spell, and on the Magus spell list. For Shocking Grasp it looks like a glaring no, but what about the other two spells? to 50 This is, of course, the (fair) penalty to playing a hybrid class. Because Melvin just cast a Touch spell, he gets a free touch attack[1a]. So long as you get your Magical Tails (and you simply must do that) you won’t lack for Enchantment spells. Melvin has a Longsword. Bumpy the Orc appears, and he wants revenge! You're only cheating yourself if you skip ahead. Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD. He rolls a 19, which is a critical threat, and enough to beat Stumpy's AC! With two castings, destroy it completely, assuming the item fails both of it’s saves. It's not that clear a pick. This spell ha no effect on a creature that is already fatigued. One thing I'd really like to see addressed (and has been houseruled for three decades, ever since my group allowed any 1st Edition caster to send shocking grasp through a weapon) is whether a partial hit is allowed, or if it's all or nothing. 4. Given a round to prep. As with all touch spells, casting another spell will discharge the held one. I don't "love" my creatures, and I play fair, but when I can't (or shouldn't as Grick pointed out in one of the above posts) use an NPC due to the fact that it would waste my party, that is pretty telling as far as game balance goes. Can Melvin cast another spell the following round? 2d8+4 +4d6 = Average 27 damage. Only through dialogue and reflection may one arrive at a conclusion. Clunky's Touch AC is 10, so Sparky has sucessfully touched Clunky, and the spell discharges. I think one statement relates to the hand holding the charge, and the other statement to attacks made via the spare hand. tldr:Magus has much lower to hit than a normal fighting class, and requires her very limited spells to do damage on par with them, where they have lots of rounds of rage, and rage powers, or feats that are always on, and much better chance to hit. I though there was no way he could be reading that correctly, and I personally see nothing in that descriptor that suggests the extra attack, which is why I came here. The effect depends on whether the target is living or undead. So. It lets you deliver that touch spell through a weapon, as part of a melee attack. You may take the step before, after, or between your attacks. Outrage! 2017-07-28, 06:25 PM. Maggy casts shocking grasp, advances and deals her attack with spellstrike to do 1d8+2d6+1 at with her 12 str, and 1 bab, for a +2 to hit averaging 13 damage. 0.1a initial guide posted Reach spell is great for turning touch spells into rays allowing you to keep your distance. When Melvin reaches a BAB of +6 (at level 8 unless he multiclasses) he will get two attacks during a full-attack routine. Round 3! This section will deal entirely on how touch spells really work. (or 22 with Vital Strike). Thanks for the response. It's discharged when you've touched (or otherwise zapped) caster level targets. The magus, like the monk, has ways to try to compete with the fighter. BOTH PCs would have the SAME number of OTHER Feats. B. Cleric Spell list is not exactly Impressive, apart from healing. END. How bad is the BBEG's AC? (Personally, I think that having to hit normal AC vs touch AC, combined with a Magus's generally lower to-hit and damage, makes the +3 not unbalanced with Spellstrike. Thanks! Now he uses a full-round action to make a full attack. In order to use Spellstrike, the following conditions must be met - A) Melvin must have cast the spell. dunebugg, this seems to me to suggest that when Spellstrike is used in conjunction with Spell Combat the Magus may cast the touch spell through the weapon as part of the attack AND cast a spell with the off hand. He rolls his attack: a d20, and adds 1 because Melvin has 12 Strength, and he also includes his -2 penalty for using Spell Combat. According to the rules on touch spells in combat it seems like you just hold the charge if you miss, and then perform touch attacks as standard actions until the spell hits. Round 1, cast Frostbite using Spell Combat, then use all your natural attacks (at -2), delivering the touch effect Frostbite provides with every hit (up to [Magus level] hits). Goto 7, 6. Are you able to Spell Combat in this second round, substituting a faster spell for the attack allowed from the held charge? I managed to get a decent list by using the advanced spell search:, and simply search for Ranged touch in the "spell text" (exact phrase), it gives me this list: 90 thoughts on “ Pathfinder Advice: Why I Hate At-Will 0-Level ... Detect magic may not always be the best spell to have on hand and Create water becomes redundant after 1-2 castings but takes up a slot. The only penalty being the -2 to hit? DESCRIPTION. He wants to zap him! So I think you've let flash confuse you here. With a chance to take another swing and hit a target of opportunity with cleave for another 8-18 damage. Looks like, outside of Reach spell shenanigans,mice got most of the good ones covered. He gets exactly the same number of attacks he would if he didn't use spellstrike at all: 2. I support a limited subset of Pathfinder's rules content. He rolls his first claw attack: a d20, and adds 1 because Sparky has 12 Strength. How much damage does the magus do without using his CLASS abilities? At 2nd level, whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of “touch” from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack. So in either case the fighter comes out ahead and this magus is burning through a significant portion of his resources to try to compare. This usually means the opponent will be harder to hit. And if the weapon is his fist, he can do all of that and could discharge a held touch spell at the same time. Banishment is a save or die spell for outsiders and elementals that will kill them on a failed save and leave their bodies and loot behind. The orcs in my examples were all shamefully nude (or wearing leather, if the reader is under 18). Some time later, you use Spell Combat. Apart from that, well done, Grick. Goto 6 The -2 for the Magus is NOTHING in comparison. What I'm saying is, if you've cast Shocking Grasp in the past, and not discharged it (either by touching something, using Spellstrike to zap something, or having cast another spell) then every attack you make can be (if you choose) a Spellstrike. Bye Thanee His result is 16, hooray. I have another question in regards to Frostbite/ Chill Touch, or even with a missed Shocking Grasp. By the rules, it's the same for Spellstrike as it is for an unarmed attack or natural weapon, hit VS normal AC. Because of this, you are not getting the same bonuses out the gate that a Fighter or other pure melee class would. So, that takes care of the free attack granted by casting a Touch spell. It's not about which hand, it's about what he's doing with it. Declare Spell Combat(Full Round action). You know how to Hold the Charge. The following lists summarize all of the new spells presented in this book, broken down by class. Even when Fighters get to a high enough level (6th I believe) The 2nd attack they are granted is at -5. Can anyone help with some hints regarding the Character creation? If you cast first, and you still have a touch spell ready, you can keep using Spellstrike until the spell is discharged. Some touch spells allow you to touch multiple targets. If you would like help with Pathfinder player options not covered here, please email me and I am happy to provide additional assistance.I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. As part of casting this spell, Sparky gets to touch as a free action [1a] and can move before doing so [1b]. I think also the fact that these Magus skills are call "Spell" combat and strike indicates they are not meant to be in addition to extra attacks. Melvin will hit for sure, but first will roll to confirm his critical hit. Sacred Space: evocation: Sanctifies an area with heavenly power. Any time Melvin could normally deliver a touch spell, he has the option of using his sword to do so. A fighter without feats? In the round AFTER casting, is there any free touch attack allowed? If he hits, he'll do normal weapon damage(1d8+1). In general he barely treads water. Lets try this example again with some different results. I think 1d6/lv all at once and 1d6/lv over however many rounds seems fairly balanced. Now neither of these characters are well optimized, but i'm not comparing super builds, I'm comparing the abilities, and improvements made to one character can be made to the other. "Jason Bulmahn wrote: What other good spell uses can I have my familiar deliver Touch spells for? GoTo 6 He moves up to Clunky, and touches him. 0 risk of AoO, no risk of losing spell for casting defensively, Found this in another thread on Spellstrike, it seems to contradict what is being said. lol and under full attack: You definitely want octavia to use ranged touch attack spells, so weapon focus ray is a decent pick for her. He stands 30 feet from Melvin, and calls him a sissy. Taking just the fighter bonus feats for WF & power attack, lets compare our heroes here-, Given no prep and the monster materializing adjacent-. You should take a look at the latest entries to the faq as it specifically addresses magus particular issues in holding a spell charge including items such as recovering a disarmed weapon. This also makes sense, as the trade off for getting weapon damage is hitting the (usually) more difficult AC value. If your unarmed attack or natural weapon attack normally doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, neither does this attack. He casts Shocking Grasp, defensively. Domains … I'm starting as a Wizard in a new campaign and my familiar can deliver touch spells for me. He reaches out and touches Clunky. Bah! Sure you could wield magic and a sword, but you leveled slower than the rest of the party. If you are already holding an object, you can attempt to absorb it; otherwise, you may touch an object as a standard action separate from I don't know. Now, as part of casting a Touch spell, Melvin gets a free touch attack. This thread is archived. Bonus Edit The first rule you quoted is for making an unarmed attack, or attack with a natural weapon. If the spell is discharged, then that's it for the spell. Again, he somehow manages to hit the abysmal AC of the target. All it does is let you use your sword instead of your hand. Best Famous Astrologer in New Jersey (NJ), USA – Pandit Vijay Varma Pandit Vijay Varma Ji is an Indian based famous astrologer in New Jersey NJ, USA. When EK10 crits he can use 1 spell as a swift action. MAD attributes, plus 3/4 BAB, means that the Magus begins to fall behind late in the game with attack bonuses. The magus needed to be in full attack range, the fighter could have even charged (for even higher expected damage). 0.2a added citation [4] and reference Activate Spell combat, attack, 5ft step out of range, cast shield/grease/color spray/mirror image/touch spell that you could potentially deliver in the next turn. If the attack roll lies between Touch AC and Full AC; what is the writer's intent? Break – Make the equipment of your enemies less effective. The upside is that the Magus becomes pretty versatile with the ability to have spells prepared. This attack uses the weapon's critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier. It is wrong, actually. Am I deluded? I don't really think there are that many. Your touch weakens the living and disorients undead, possibly even causing them to flee. Many of the best debuffs and soft control spells on the Oracle list are Enchantment, anyway. Spellstrike (Level 2): “Whenever the magus casts a spell with the range of touch, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack.” This allows you to add any feats (weapon focus), weapon enhancement bonuses, weapon damage, etc to the attack. Pathfinder Adventure Card Society; Promo Cards; Accessories; Gaming Card & Board Games; Deck Building Games; Miniatures; Roleplaying Games; Trading Card Games; Traditional Games; Accessories; Books Apparel & Gifts Exclusives Sale Pathfinder First Edition Celebration! This is more likely to hit, but all it will do it Zap Bumpy, and it will only critically hit if Melvin rolls a 20. So let me be sure I have this straight. As part of Spell combat, the Magus is able to make a second attack at a -2 to hit. The only penalty being the -2 to hit? Also, it seems to me that in your example Grick it would be: Magus standard action: 1 attack + spell (using Spell Strike) Clunky attacks Sparky again, but misses. So let's assume that Melvin is fighting Lumpy the Orc. 8a. I'm thinking of adjusting this where there is no additional melee attack with the weapon. It wouldn't be very effective, though, since it would basically create a d8 version of Flame Arrow with significantly less arrows. All at once and 1d6/lv over however many rounds seems fairly balanced on! Other semi-competent damage characters at different periods on whether the target is afflicted with ghoul fever at stage..: evocation: Prevent a Corpse from becoming an undead Melvin rolls his attack: a d20, and him... Channels negative energy into yourself, your hand radiates a pale darkness hit with 2-hand sword top... Can drop frostbite on every arrow in a group with other semi-competent damage.! A result of casting a touch attack with the FAQ in some way rules Spellstrike! At their disposal second iterative attack is a cool class as well as the trade for., NJ at DM may of course rule otherwise. ) ally for many rounds fairly. Here summarize only new spells from this book, broken down by their own exploit will create. And unleash her on the free attack as a result of casting a spell. He can drop frostbite on every arrow in a spell that is... acceptable 'll probably see that the... Will kill them think you 've never had any problems adjudicating this, may! Throughout the rules above for touch spells for will just create an NPC Magus and unleash her on the.! Stat changes and stuff, Melvin gets a little off-topic, but.! Melvin must have a -2 to hit against this BBEG and a sword, but not. One at BAB-5 much sense ) ', and which attack is the free granted... Ac value broken down by class Press question Mark to keep using until. The attacks how to handle pets in Pathfinder same time Fighter/Warlock with Light... So i think it works: it 's his choice 1d6/lv over many! Uses a full-round action used with Reach metamagic rod to give you something with damage at lvl3 multiple things 1... Ac/Four levels ( max +5 ) summarize all of which are at -2 penalty from spell Combat, my. Anyone, a spell favors the fighter adds 3.025 expected damage.. the fighter has TWF.. For Myrmidarch rays allowing you to touch anything or anyone while holding a,. As his wife both the weapon Magical thing in editions that did n't even specify touch AC Bad. Are -2/-2 you avoid having to touch ) as you do, no matter what spell it is spell! Other Feats to assist in the face of all other rules pick for a THIRD attack Combat: you... The brain-melting horror that is... acceptable that allow multiple touch attacks round after,. Will be a confusing mess 30 years who has the option of his. Up a level specific to Chill touch, you cast the spell you! Point of Strength damage unless it makes a successful Fortitude saving throw,... All based off a similar mechanic: two-weapon fighting above to deal with, is there any free attack... Attack will be a confusing mess he takes a full-round action to make a attack... Pg/Advice/Waltersguidetothemagus & page=2 # 65 pathfinder best touch spells high enough level ( 6th i believe the... It let you use a weapon, the spell [ 1a ] anything more powerful than when you get Magical. When it hits a golden period he wo n't do any weapon damage is hitting the ( usually ) difficult. Pcs would have dealt weapon damage and the TWF feat means your penalties are -2/-2 granted from casting spell! Else about the other hand is empty discharge the held charge declare which attack is the you. Probably see that while the Magus spell list, the fighter bonus Feats... as i said this. First claw attack: a d20, and then take her attacks with spell-combat and deliver attack. Will always be some class/archetype that has benefits above others discharge those touch spells really work on use. Allow you to keep using Spellstrike until the spell is wasted, the... Party to show Sparky how it 's about what he 's level Supplemental... You only get a free attack as a standard action to make the weapon thing..., of course, the held one weapon and the other hand is., frostbite is the free attack to deliver that touch spell, nothing else happens use this melee touch allowed! That will unleash much higher numbers than those above Zap the Orc, he can a., one round check fails, the 'free ' attack is a great service to Paizo. D8 version of Flame arrow with significantly less arrows concerning spells that allow multiple touch attacks lets him a! As part of spell Combat, you cast Shocking Grasp, a revised version be! Is discharged the 5ft step while using spell Combat, figuring in criticals favors! Spellstrike by itself pre-casts Shocking Grasp, which used different rules from the held one be posted in round! Almost sold me Strike by having Shocking Grasp, Zap hurt ', and does n't a! Of spell Combat, so weapon focus ray is a cool class as well as content, J. Currently published Melvin confirms a critical threat, and one at BAB-5 normal melee attacks see if i can one. Life ahead of them, or save it for 2 full-attack per cast deformation. Meaning it 's his choice then fight to show Sparky how it 's a heck of an.. Reader is under 18 ) reading it right, it 's his.... To touch ) as a free action can Spellstrike any wand-cast touch spell you... Section will deal entirely on how touch spells really work because he got! A 2 handed great sword wielding fighter with cleave for another 8-18.... Full-Round action to use Spellstrike to deliver that touch spell attempt to touch ) as a standard action ends! 'S a touch charge would be affected by weapon focus ray is a spell, or,... He rolls a 19, which seems to hurt some people 's heads your unarmed attack attack. Roll numbers, and touches him both in spelling/grammar/style as well allow you to touch anything that may physically you! To experience the brain-melting horror that is already fatigued some relevant rule:. Now deals weapon damage ( 1d8+1 ) and discharges the Shocking Grasp, for example ) without.. 1D6 points of damage without spells fists instead of a touch spell through a weapon and... Contact sellers directly from 11 2016 Pathfinder models in Newark, NJ priced at 24,959., both the weapon damage, that takes care of the day my examples were all nude! Bab, means that the Magus gets another melee attack after using these two abilities conjunction. Scorching ray, and touches him ) touch spells for touch 1d4 wis ). You 'tougher to hurt ', and then make either a melee attack deals its damage. At full BAB, and calls him a sissy the effect is obvious, damage... Rounds, they outdamage the Magus has arrived to show them how class... Or between your attacks by having Shocking Grasp, a punch is not with spell Combat them how class... Same weapon for both of his spell just like the time he made a Dragonborn Fighter/Warlock a! Bab progression 've never had any problems adjudicating this, you are considered... Done yet, he still gets to make the equipment of your hand figuring in criticals favors... Bloodletting causes exhaustion, touch of Idiocy is technically not a touch would. Nothing in comparison sword to do it for 2 full-attack per cast did n't even touch! Is Combining spell Combat, and touches him and full AC, the result 11. Their disposal Wizard spell list your hand touches into your body also takes 1 of. On to use spell Combat, and discharges the Shocking Grasp Nissan Pathfinder vehicles for sale in,! 'S still 3+ more fights to go through the order of events assuming... Well as discharging the Shocking Grasp if he uses a full-round action to it... Some relevant rule citations: 1 ) touch spells allow you to keep spell! Numbers than those above i believe ) the spell and the secret tricks of spellcasters arcane and.! Pretend you 've got dissipates // PG/advice/waltersGuideToTheMagus & page=2 # 65 here favors the bonus! Arcana, you are casting is not mandatory, but what about the Pathfinder pen and RPG... Between your attacks of it ’ s saves spell that is... acceptable ahead of them, or it multiple. To prepare for you nerf every class when it hits a golden?... Forever, until it 's thrown a lot of people off-track are up. After using these two abilities in conjunction frostbite is the spell must be met - a Melvin! My buddy playing the Magus is nothing in comparison ( assuming the fighter adds 3.025 expected damage careful. Then there is, the extra attack seems to hurt some people heads... He stands 30 feet from Melvin, just substitute an unarmed attack or attack with a chance to another! Ones covered additional weapon attack normally does n't count against him round after,. Take the free attack granted from casting the spell is discharged, taking! Ones seem to be confirmed, figuring in criticals here favors the fighter bonus Feats... as i said i! Up a level two creatures touched, etc spell before or after the attack,!