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"Follis created a trade campaign that gave us
near total industry awareness within three months."

Ken Daniels, VP Sales / Kenlo International

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"Thanks to Follis we have far exceeded our hopes..."
Chuck Willis, VP Crew Cuts

"Your keen insights and marketing know-how provided
the kick in the #!*@ we needed.
I look forward to a long relationship."

David Turk, President / Indiana Market & Catering

"...the campaign increased reponses by over 50%.
Follis' work is exceptional."

Jerry Fine, Chairman / AMCCA

See the case and campaign.

"...sales increased 50% nationwide."
Fred Ross, President / CEO, Sorrell Ridge Fruit Spreads

See the case and campaign.

"I am really blown away. And, yes, you can quote me."
Kate Liddle, President / All Dental Prodx, LLC

"...sales have increased 25% annually."
Craig Kalter, VP Marketing / French Toast Clothes

See the case and campaign.

"You prevented me from making a $50,000 marketing mistake
by guiding me against pouring at least that much
down an advertising rat hole."
Irwin Myers, President, Video One Productions

"...powerful creative got our message across..."
Rand Scolnick, CEO / Solgar Vitamins

See the case and campaign.

"My business took a 180 degree turn
for the better. I know I will see you again."

Sophia Burrell, President / City of Errands

"...our senior management is very pleased
and that is no small feat!"

Elizabeth Phillips, Marketing Manager / Amadeus North America

"...180 degree turnaround from our previous efforts."
Penny Hart, President / Tri-State Insurance

"Because of you my business has grown to another level."
Jennifer Webb, President / Magic Communications

"The ads are brilliant.
They are doing great things for the church."

Dr. Arthur Caliandro, Senior Minister / Marble Collegiate Church

See the case and campaign.

"Results are impressive and beyond what we hoped for."
Fran Henry, President / Stop It Now

"It's a luxury to work with such a pro!"
Paula F. Marks, Managing Director / Gilbert Tweed Associates, Inc.

"FYI, from the Chair of our Board about the marketing:
'WOW, I've got chills. GREAT, GREAT work.'"
"...we're so excited about everything you've done."

Alison Monteiro Swain, Director of Development / The Cobb School, Montessori

See the case and campaign.

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