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"Follis created a campaign that
gave us near total industry awareness
within three months.

-- Ken Daniels, VP Sales / Kenlo International

See case and campaign.

"Thanks to Follis
we've far exceeded our hopes

-- Chuck Willis, VP Crew Cuts

"John's insight
and marketing know-how
provided the kick-in-the-butt
we needed.

-- David Turk, President
Indiana Market & Catering

"the campaign increased reponse
by over 50%.
Follis' work is exceptional.

-- Jerry Fine, Chairman / AMCCA

See case and campaign.

"sales increased 50% nationwide."

-- Fred Ross, President / CEO
Sorrell Ridge Fruit Spreads

See case and campaign.

"I'm really blown away.
And, yes, you can quote me.

-- Kate Liddle, President
All Dental Prodx, LLC

"sales have increased 25% annually."

-- Craig Kalter, VP Marketing
French Toast Clothes

See case and campaign.

"You prevented me from making
a $50,000 marketing mistake

-- Irwin Myers, President
Video One Productions

"the powerful creative
got our message across

-- Rand Scolnick, CEO
Solgar Vitamins

See case and campaign.

"My business took a
180 degree turn for the better.

-- Sophia Burrell, President
City of Errands

"senior management is very pleased
and that is no small feat!

-- Elizabeth Phillips, Marketing Manager
Amadeus North America

"180 degree turnaround
from our previous efforts.

-- Penny Hart, President
Tri-State Insurance

"Because of you my business
has grown to another level.

-- Jennifer Webb, President
Magic Communications

"The ads are brilliant.
They're doing great things for us.

-- Dr. Arthur Caliandro
Senior Minister / Marble Church

See case and campaign.

"Results are impressive and
beyond what we hoped for.

-- Fran Henry, President
Stop It Now

"It's a luxury to work with
such a pro.

-- Paula Marks, Director
Gilbert Tweed, Inc.

"We're so excited about
everything you've done.

-- Alison Swain, Director of Development
The Cobb School Montessori

See case and campaign.


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