Follis, LLC

Spun off from one of Madison Avenue's most successful and awarded agencies (Follis/DeVito/Verdi) Follis LLC's work has resulted in exceptional results and client praise. Successful campaigns for our clients have received positive press in TIME, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, and Prentice-Hall's marketing text: "Principles of Marketing".

As a way for new and smaller businesses to get high level, but affordable help, our Marketing Therapy has been assisting businesses around the US since 2004. To help with video marketing, we have Big Idea Video .

As an industry thought leader, John Follis has been a requested speaker at The New York Business Expo, The World Business Academy, and Yale University. To learn more about John and the history of the agency, see this Follis timeline.

Specialties include:

        Branding/Tagline Development
        Guerrilla Marketing
        Social Media and Blogging
        Direct Response
        Logo Design
        Package Design

Follis Advertising, LLC      203-569-7515
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